Sunday, February 27, 2011

Celine Dion "American Cancer Society" Commercial

Celine Dion has joined in the American Cancer Society's "Happy Birthday" campaign to promote the fight against cancer in this new TV spot. Hard to believe she just gave birth to twins!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Billboard Update

^#1 Album #1 Single^

See full charts HERE

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Sean Kingston "Won't Stop" Video Premiere

"Won't Stop" is the track from Sean Kingston's latest mixtape King Of Kingz where he manages to make Justin Bieber sound exactly like him O_o . The message of the song is lovely: Even if no one is checking for him, he refuses to quit making music. ...I guess I'm in an ornery mood.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jennifer Hudson "Where You At" Video Premiere

"Where You At" is the first single off Jennifer Hudson's upcoming sophomore album I Remember Me. The video is exactly what you would expect from an Anthony Mandler clip--pretty, but boring. The vocals on this song though..!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kelly Clarkson & Jason Aldean Perform "Don't You Wanna Stay" On Ellen

Kelly Clarkson joined Jason Aldean to perform their duet "Don't You Wanna Stay" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Kelly, makin' it look as easy as ever! Jason sounded terrible though--& I'm not even sorry!

Keyshia Cole Performs "Better Me" On 2011 BET Honors

Keyshia Cole performed "Better Me", the closer on her most recent album Calling All Hearts, at the 2011 BET Honors. Um, something tells me Boobie wasn't an honoree that evening... nah, I get it. She actually managed to sound better than the crappy studio version there towards the end!

Kelly Clarkson Album Update

Kelly Clarkson is currently finishing up her fifth studio album & my anticipation for the project just got a huge shove into anxious because most recently, Kelly has been in the studio with Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins! Earlier this month, Kelly worked with Toby Gad on a pair of tracks. Also, she has recorded a song entitled "Why Don't You Try" that she says will be her favorite on the album. I could really use her voice in my life again, so I'm reeeally hoping this album won't be too My December-y.

[Source, Source, Source]

2011 NBA All-Star Game Performance Highlights

Rihanna, Drake, & Kanye West - Medley

Melanie Fiona "O Canada"

Sunday's 2011 NBA All-Star Game featured a halftime show from Rihanna, who performed "Umbrella", "Only Girl (In The World)", "Rude Boy", "What's My Name?" with Drake, & "All Of The Lights" with Kanye West. In addition, Melanie Fiona kicked things off with her rendition of the Canadian national anthem.

Keri Hilson Performs On 2011 NBA All-Star Game Pre-Show

Keri Hilson performed the ever-appropriate "Pretty Girl Rock", followed by "Knock You Down", during the pre-show for NBA All-Star 2011. Look at that: A medley of multi-album-spanning hits! Her latest album No Boys Allowed is out now.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Billboard Update

^#1 Album #1 Single^

Now 37 tops the latest Billboard 200 album chart, where Pink sees a new peak of #5 for her Greatest Hits... So Far!!! package (41,000, +61%), her second-highest position on the chart to date (Funhouse debuted & peaked @ #2). On the Hot 100 singles chart, Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" lands on top, while Pink earns Airplay Gainer honors with "F**kin' Perfect" despite dipping 4-5. Also, Rihanna's "S&M" vaults 33-8, landing the Digital Gainer title in the process. In addition, Nicki Minaj lands atop the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart for the first time with the Drake-assisted "Moment 4 Life".

See full charts HERE

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Katharine McPhee Performs "Lifetime" On Global Action Awards + More

In conjunction with her recent work for St. Jude, Katharine McPhee performed her song "Lifetime" off Unbroken at the Global Action Awards. Being that it's one of my favorite cuts off her sophomore album, though simple, I enjoyed the performance. As it's related, check out the video Katharine shot for "Lifetime" while visiting St. Jude below:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kanye West ft. Rihanna & Kid Cudi "All Of The Lights" Video Premiere

Weirdly enough, Kanye West took a rather modest approach to the video for the all-star collaboration "All Of The Lights" off his latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, including only Rihanna & Kid Cudi in the visual. Allow this Hype Williams-directed clip to strike you as it may.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jennifer Hudson "Where You At" Behind-The-Scenes

Jennifer Hudson shot her video for "Where You At", the lead single off her upcoming sophomore album I Remember Me (March 22nd), in the streets of Chicago during the country's recent snowstorm. "I stood there in the freezing cold," indeed! The video premieres on Thursday, February 24th.

Dondria "Dondria Duets 2" Mixtape

Dondria has released the sequel to her 'duets' mixtape. See which songs she's covering this time below & I've tweeted a direct link to get the mixtape.

Keri Hilson Performs "Pretty Girl Rock" On Jimmy Kimmel

Keri Hilson gave another performance of her hit single "Pretty Girl Rock" off No Boys Allowed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

David Archuleta Dropped From Jive

It's been confirmed that David Archuleta has been dropped from Jive Records. Maybe it's my recent frustrations with Jive (see: Ciara) talking, but I'm really not all that bothered by this news. Case-in-point: Since the release of his sophomore album The Other Side Of Down last October, Jive has released a whopping -0- videos to promote the thing. I think David can easily find a much more competent label that will gladly sign him--similar to the way his fellow Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee did following her split with RCA. David's much too talented & driven for this to be the end.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me" Video Premiere

"Hold It Against Me" is the first single off Britney Spears' upcoming album Femme Fatale (March 29th). Epileptics beware. So, let's see here... not bad. The biggest disappointment for me is the lack of dance break during the dubstep breakdown, something I should've expected from the get-go. Something about it makes me feel 11 again though, so I'll be watching it again in 3, 2...

OneRepublic "Good Life (Alternate Version)" Video Premiere

OneRepublic has premiered this new version of their video for "Good Life", the latest single lifted from their sophomore album Waking Up. The stylized finishing, I like; the hands holding up the video, not so much.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jennifer Hudson On Ellen

"Where You At"


Jennifer Hudson continued her rounds promoting her new single "Where You At" with a performance & interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As for those vocals, the woman is a machine! During the interview, there is footage of Ellen playing with Jen's song Daniel--so cute!

Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me" 30-Second Video Preview

Britney Spears has unleashed this 30-second sneak peek of the final "Hold It Against Me" video to her hungry fans! Needless to say, this is the best taste of what we're to expect tomorrow yet, but I'm going to reserve my opinion of the video until after it premieres. Britney's upcoming album Femme Fatale is due March 29th.

Fallon & Felisha "Infected" Video Premiere

Fallon & Felisha have taken the latest baby step on their journey to releasing an album with the premiere of a video for their wonderful song "Infected". What an original idea... to hide the fact that the Cherish sisters are no longer four strong! Really though, I do like the song.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rihanna Performs, Wins At The 2011 BRIT Awards

Rihanna took the stage at the 2011 BRIT Awards to perform a medley of hits from her Loud album. After kicking things off with "Only Girl (In The World)", she performed "S&M" for what I believe was the first time before ending with a festive showing of "What's My Name?". Maybe it was all of the flashing lights, but I actually thought she did a good job! Meanwhile, RiRi also picked up the award for International Female Solo Artist at the ceremony.


Janelle Monae Stars In Cee Lo Green's "Bodies" Video

"Bodies" is a track lifted from Cee Lo Green's latest album The Lady Killer. See what fate Janelle Monae has in store for Cee Lo in this ..different.. video!

Janet Jackson Appears On Dateline

Part 1

Part 2

Janet Jackson sat down with Meredith Vierra on Dateline to discuss the many topics covered in her new book "True You", including her weight fluctuations, her self-esteem issues, & how she's dealing with the death of her brother Michael. Though we saw her cover much of this with Robin Roberts not too long ago, it's still an interesting watch.

Katharine McPhee Joins "Smash" Pilot

Katharine McPhee has landed a role opposite Debra Messing (Will & Grace) in a new musical pilot for NBC entitled Smash. Executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, the show is about a group of people who come together to put on a Broadway musical inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Sounds like a version of Glee with substance that I could get on board! Let's just hope this pilot works out better than Kat's last one (The Pink House).


Alicia Keys "HP" Commercial

Alicia Keys has secured herself an endorsement deal with HP, as can be seen in this new commercial she stars in that was aired during Sunday's Grammys. It's a neat ad. To be perfectly honest, I've considered investing in one of these Beats-enhanced computers, as they certainly hit the nail on the head when it comes to the main disadvantage of a laptop for me, but I have no idea whether HP makes quality products or not... Anyway, Alicia's latest album The Element Of Freedom is out now.

New Stuff Tuesday: Janet Jackson "True You"

^Click To Purchase^

For 2011's first noteworthy new release, we have Janet Jackson's self-help book "True You: A Journey To Finding & Loving Yourself". A must-have for 'true' Janet fans!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Teairra Mari "Stranger" Video Premiere

Teairra Mari premiered her second of four new videos today & this one is for "Stranger", the exquisite ballad from her Sincerely Yours EP. Sure, the video's nothin' special, really, but the camera work's good & Teairra's still my girl!

Dirty Money "LoveLove Vs. HateLove" Mixtape

Dirty Money caught me off guard with this Valentine's Day mixtape LoveLove Vs. HateLove, but I ain't complainin'! Check out the tracklisting to the set, which features both previously released & unreleased material, below & listen to it HERE, where, if you click 'Buy the Album,' you can get the mixtape for FREE!

1. Intro
2. Yeah Yeah You Would
3. Sade
4. Yesterday
5. A** On The Floor
6. Looking For Love
7. Private Entertainer
8. Rollercoaster
9. Change
10. Make Love To You
11. I Know
12. Shades
13. Last Night Part 2
14. Utopia

Teedra Moses "R U 4 Real" Video Premiere

Teedra Moses doesn't put stuff out very often, so consider this video premiere for "R U 4 Real" a special occasion! The song can originally be found on her V-Day 2010 mixtape Royal Patience Compilation ... A Love Journey. Prepare for an eargasm!

RichGirl "Fall In Love With RichGirl" Mixtape

Our first Valentine's Day mixtape treat comes in the form of RichGirl's Fall In Love With RichGirl. This talented quartet of ladies is sure to deliver with their first-ever mixtape, so check out the tracklisting below & be sure to visit their official fan site HERE to get it!

Dirty Money ft. Chris Brown "Yesterday" Video Premiere

"Yesterday", featuring Chris Brown, is the latest track lifted from Dirty Money's album Last Train To Paris. Diddy, sir: No girls, just Chris having a pity party?! Not even Colin Tilley's superior directing can save this one.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The 2011 Grammys Recap

Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, & Others Tribute Aretha Franklin

Rihanna & Drake "What's My Name?"

Janelle Monae, B.o.B, & Bruno Mars - Medley

Usher, Justin Bieber, & Jaden Smith - Medley

Rihanna, Eminem, Dr. Dre, & Skylar Grey - Medley

Well, the 2011 Grammys started off strong with a tribute to Aretha Franklin that featured incredible vocal showings from Christina Aguilera & Jennifer Hudson as well as Yolanda Adams, Martina McBride, & Florence Welch... but it was all downhill from there. Rihanna performed twice: First kicking off "Love The Way You Lie" before Eminem took off with his medley, then hitting the stage later alongside Drake with her own "What's My Name?". Janelle Monae (who should've won!) capped off a newcomers medley with the awesome "Cold War". Aaand Usher showed the Fetus how it's done via (OMG!) "OMG" before a dance number between the two, which was cute... There wasn't a single award given out on-air that I gave a flying flip about, but you can check out the pre-telecast winners below/all of 'em HERE. Congrats Fanny on your first win!
  • Usher: Best Contemporary R&B Album (Raymond Vs. Raymond), Best Male R&B Vocal Performance ("There Goes My Baby")
  • Fantasia: Best Female R&B Vocal Performance ("Bittersweet")
  • Pink, India.Arie: Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals ("Imagine" with Herbie Hancock, Seal, Konono No 1, Jeff Beck, & Oumou Sangare)
  • Rihanna: Best Dance Recording ("Only Girl (In The World)")

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jennifer Hudson "I Remember Me" Tracklisting

Jennifer Hudson has unveiled the tracklisting for her upcoming sophomore album I Remember Me (March 22nd). Check out what's in store for the *sigh* 10-track set below:

1. No One Gonna Love You
2. Angel
3. Where You At
4. I Remember Me
5. Everybody Needs Love
6. Why Is It So Hard
7. Don't Look Down
8. Feeling Good
9. I Got This
10. Believe

I'm not excited that it's so short, nor am I ecstatic about the inclusion of "Feeling Good". That said, one down ("Where You At"), eight to go!


Elliott Yamin "3 Words" Video Premiere

"3 Words" is the first single off Elliott Yamin's third album Gather 'Round, which is out now in Japan/due in March or April in the US. Not bad. This is one of the four or five quite good songs on the album... the rest are alright, but kinda retro & not what I was hoping for.

Avril Lavigne "Goodbye Lullaby (Deluxe Edition)" Details

March 8th is set to bring us two versions of Avril Lavigne's fourth album Goodbye Lullaby. The deluxe edition will add to the 14 standard tracks with acoustic versions of "What The Hell", "Push", & "Wish You Were Here" as well as the bonus track "Bad Reputation". In addition, a DVD documenting the making of the album will be included. The cover art (see: left) is also slightly altered. Guess which package I'll be picking up?!


*UPDATED* Jennifer Lopez "L'Oreal" Ad

Jennifer Lopez is lookin' gawgeous in this new ad for L'Oreal's Infallible sumthin-or-another. I can't wait for her Love? album to (finally) drop!

UPDATE: Whataya know?! A release date of March 29th has just been announced for Love? With Britney dropping that day though, I smell a pushback. *Kanye shrug*

Rihanna "Reb'l Fleur" Commercial

Rihanna has released the ad campaign for her debut fragrance "Reb'l Fleur". I could've gone with seeing it just the once, thanks. RiRi's Loud album's available now.

Usher "The Hollywood Reporter" Magazine Cover

Usher sits alongside his retirement fund & L.A. Reid on the latest cover of The Hollywood Reporter. Catch Ursh performing with The Bieb on this Sunday's Grammys.


Jessica Mauboy ft. Jay Sean "What Happened To Us" Video Premiere

"What Happened To Us", featuring Jay Sean, is the third single lifted from Jessica Mauboy's second album Get 'Em Girls, which is out now in Australia. I absolutely love that album & this song is a solid cut from it. The video was cute... not sure what happened exactly, but cute!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Billboard Update

^#1 Album #1 Single^

The moment has finally arrived: Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday tops the Billboard 200 album chart in its 11th week! Pink Friday also passes the 1,000,000 mark in sales this week, so congrats are certainly in order for Nicki! Also in album news, currently #1 on iTunes, Pink's Greatest Hits... So Far!!! makes its way into the top 10 for the first time with an 11-9 jump. Meanwhile, in depressing news, Wiz Khalifa finds himself atop the Hot 100 singles chart this week with "Black & Yellow" (at least something Pittsburgh-related is #1... & I'm not even into sports!). Also on the Hot 100, Rihanna's "S&M" earns the Digital Gainer title this week, jumping 66-31.

See full charts HERE

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Nicki Minaj Performs "Moment 4 Life" On Leno

Nicki Minaj hit up The Tonight Show With Jay Leno to perform "Moment 4 Life" off Pink Friday. Live it up, HB! It's your time to shine!!

Jordin Sparks Album Update

Following Jive's royal screwing-up of the handling of her excellent sophomore album Battlefield, Jordin Sparks has begun the process of recording her third album. She recently spent some time in the studio with none other than Ryan Tedder, the man behind her last album's fantastic lead single & title track, as well as Tedder's signee Nicholas "RAS" Furlong, who produced Jordin's collaboration with Big Time Rush "Count On You". Check them out in the studio to the left. Jordin's off to a good start (read: she isn't working with RedOne or yet)!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jennifer Hudson On Oprah

"Where You At"


Jennifer Hudson gave her debut performance of "Where You At", the first single off her upcoming album I Remember Me (March 22nd), on Oprah... & 'deliver,' did she ever--flawless! She also sat down to discuss becoming a mom as well as her family tragedy. The rest of the interview, which includes more discussion regarding her weight loss, has yet to show up, but I wanna see it just as much as you guys, so if anybody finds it, lemme know--I'll stay on the lookout for it too though!

Nicole Scherzinger "Don't Hold Your Breath" Video Premiere

"Don't Hold Your Breath" is the second UK single off Nicole Scherzinger's as-yet-untitled debut solo album. While I quite like the song, the video isn't doing much for me. Curse VEVO for restricting US viewers from accessing the video!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adam Lambert "Glam Nation Live" Cover, Tracklisting, & More!

On March 22nd, Adam Lambert is set to release his Glam Nation Live CD/DVD. Check out the tracklisting/setlist below:

1. Voodoo
2. Down The Rabbit Hole
3. Ring Of Fire
4. Fever
5. Sleepwalker
6. Whataya Want From Me
7. Soaked
8. Aftermath
9. Sure Fire Winners
10. Strut
11. Music Again
12. If I Had You
13. 20th Century Boy

I'm kinda surprised to see songs like "For Your Entertainment" & "Mad World" missing--excited to see "Aftermath" & "Sleepwalker" though! I've been dying to see Adam's Glam Nation tour, so I can't wait to finally do so! It doesn't really show anything, but here's the trailer for the release:

Ashlee Simpson Files For Divorce

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz will soon be without her Wentz... Pete, that is. Citing "irreconcilable differences," Ashlee filed for divorce yesterday & is seeking spousal support as well as primary physical custody of their 2-year-old son Bronx with visitation for Pete. She is also looking to go back to simply having 'Simpson' as her last name. Didn't really see this one coming... hope everything works out smoothly.


Fantasia To Star In Mahalia Jackson Biopic

Fantasia is set to star in an adaptation of the 1993 book "Got To Tell It: Mahalia Jackson, Queen Of Gospel" about the life of the late gospel singer who went from living in poverty in New Orleans to being a civil rights activist & early supporter of Martin Luther King, Jr. The film goes into production in April in Pittsburgh & Chicago to be ready for release in December. This will be Fantasia's first starring role in a feature film, having previously starred in "The Color Purple" on Broadway as well as a TV movie based on her own life. Should be good!


Britney Spears "Femme Fatale" Update + Promo Pics

Britney Spears, a newly released promotional photo of whom can be seen both above & below, has delayed the release of her upcoming album Femme Fatale by two weeks to March 29th. The likely reason is because she isn't done recording it yet, having spent some time in the studio just yesterday with THAT collabo does not excite me in the slightest, but I still have that cautiously optimistic feeling about this era..!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

(Belated) Billboard Update

^#1 Album #1 Single^

With Amos Lee's Mission Bell breaking the record yet again for the lowest-selling album to top the Billboard 200 chart last week, I wasn't bothered to remember to post an update before this week's charts were (*almost*) released. On the Hot 100 singles chart, Bruno Mars lands on top with "Grenade", followed closely by Pink's "F**kin' Perfect", which zips 11-2, earning the Digital Gainer title in the process. Despite falling 6-8, Britney Spears earns the Airplay Gainer title for a second time with "Hold It Against Me".

See full charts HERE

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Jennifer Hudson "I Remember Me" Cover

Jennifer Hudson has revealed the cover art for her upcoming sophomore album I Remember Me (March 22nd), which features her lovely new figure! Excellent timing too, as her first single "Where You At" came out today on iTunes. J-Hud is set to perform the song for the first time on Oprah this Thursday.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Toni Braxton "Braxton Family Values" Sneak Peek

Check out this teaser for Toni Braxton's new reality show Braxton Family Values. All five, huh... so I guess mama doesn't count?! Heh. Join me in watching the show when it premieres on Tuesday, April 12th on WE.

Christina Aguilera & Jennifer Hudson To Open Grammys With Aretha Franklin Tribute

Being the tough cookie that she is, Christina Aguilera is set to join Jennifer Hudson in opening the Grammys on Sunday with a tribute to Aretha Franklin, Hudson confirmed via Twitter. Why an Aretha tribute? It was rumored that she has been sick with pancreatic cancer, though she denies it. Regardless, diva greatness will ensue the 13th at 8/7c on CBS!

[Source, Source]

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dawn Richard "A Tell-Tale Heart" Mixtape

Dawn Richard, Dirty Money member & former member of Danity Kane, has released a mixtape entitled A Tell-Tale Heart. I love Dawn's voice--it's the reason I got into Dirty Money in the first place--& her Brandy-inspired music, so I can't wait to dive into this mixtape! Check out the tracklisting below & get A Tell-Tale Heart by visiting her official blog HERE.

1. Intro (The Fall)
2. Superman
3. Biggest Fan
4. Hey
5. Me Myself & Y
6. Broken Record
7. I Know (ft. Kalenna)
8. Let Love In
9. I'm Just Sayin'
10. Superhero (Acapella)
11. Runway
12. These Tears
13. Vibrate
14. Champion
15. Bulletproof

Super Bowl XLV Highlights

Christina Aguilera - National Anthem

The Black-Eyed Peas, Slash, & Usher - Halftime Show

Super Bowl XLV kicked off with Christina Aguilera's powerful rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner". OK, so she flubbed a few words, like no one's ever done that before--& with less pressure, at that, & the last note suffered a bit from it, so what? She kept going, for one, & sang her little heart out! Halftime brought us its first female performer (Fergie) since Janet Jackson in 2004 with The Black-Eyed Peas, who performed "I Gotta Feeling" & "Boom Boom Pow" before being joined by Slash, who played guitar while Fergie sang "Sweet Child O' Mine", originally by his band Guns & Roses. The BEPs then went into "Pump It" & "Let's Get It Started" before Usher joined to perform their collabo "OMG", which was followed by the Peas' "Where Is The Love?" & finally "The Time (Dirty Bit)". The vocals weren't much... but then, when are they ever with the BEPs; however, the flashing lights were enough of a distraction that the show was the best the Super Bowl's seen in years (seven, to be exact!). The highlight for me was Usher, who really killed those moves! Speaking of highlights, check out the Super Bowl commercials for a couple of promising animated movies:

Kung Fu Panda 2


Leona Lewis Album Update

Leona Lewis was hard at it in the studio this past week working on her third studio album. She worked with Bryan-Michael Cox this past Thursday, then hit the studio with Kevin Rudolf on Friday before working with Toby Gad yesterday! Can't wait to hear what they've come up with.

[Source, Source, Source]

Christina Milian "CSI" Sneak Peek

Check out this sneak peek of Christina Milian's guest turn on "CSI" in the episode entitled "All That Cremains" that airs this Thursday, February 10th. They named her & everything!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dirty Money "I Hate That You Love Me" Video Premiere

"I Hate That You Love Me" is the latest track to be lifted from Dirty Money's Last Train To Paris album. The video isn't much really, but I commend Diddy for even shooting one for a song (one of the better songs on the album, actually) that doesn't have any features.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me" Video Preview

Check out the first of ..14.. teasers for Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" video, which is apparently set to premiere on Thursday, February 17th. Don't get too excited yet: There's not much to see here, but there will be more with each day that passes! EDIT: I've decided to place each additional teaser in the 'Featured Video' section up until the video's premiere. Anyway, also keep a lookout for Britney's new album Femme Fatale to drop on March 15th.

*UPDATED* Melanie Fiona Collaborates With Cee Lo Green, Stephen Marley

Melanie Fiona has jumped on the radio edit of Cee Lo Green's "Fool For You" off his new album The Lady Killer. Check out their collabo below:


UPDATE: Melanie is also featured on Stephen Marley's "No Cigarette Smoke (In My Room)", a track from his upcoming album Revelation Part 1: The Root Of Life:

OK, who else started singing "Somebody Come Get Me" in their head as soon as the track started playing?!


Sean Kingston "King Of Kingz" Mixtape

Sean Kingston released his second mixtape, the ever-appropriately titled King Of Kingz (with a z!), on his 21st birthday yesterday. I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm sure it sounds exactly like his two albums. Check out the tracklisting below & if you're interested in getting it, I retweeted a link on Twitter!

1. Hood Dreams (ft. Soulja Boy)
2. Rewind
3. You Girl (ft. Akon)
4. Say Yes (ft. Flo Rida)
5. Twice My Age
6. Hope Is A River (ft. B.o.B)
7. Don't Let Me Go
8. The One (ft. Tory Lanez)
9. One Way
10. Forget 'Bout It (ft. Tory Lanez)
11. Blow Me Away
12. Echo
13. Won't Stop (ft. Justin Bieber)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Britney Spears "Femme Fatale" Cover

The title of Britney Spears' upcoming album has been revealed to be Femme Fatale with the unveiling of her album cover today. OK, I'll bite! Femme Fatale is set to be released on March 15th.


Jennifer Lopez "Venus" Commercial

Jennifer Lopez's TV spot for the Venus razor from Gillette has made its debut & it's another fabulous commercial for J.Lo! For good measure, feel free to listen to her version of the ad's theme song in full below:


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Teairra Mari "Body" Video Premiere

"Body" is Teairra Mari's ancient latest single off her Sincerely Yours EP. It's actually a cute video; too bad they waited so long to release it.

Mariah Carey Having A Boy & A Girl

Come this spring, Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon will be the proud parents of both a boy & a girl! I think this is the best outcome for them, especially because the way she is, Mariah really needs a girl! Once again, congrats to the happy couple, wishing them a healthy rest-of-the-pregnancy.