Friday, February 18, 2011

David Archuleta Dropped From Jive

It's been confirmed that David Archuleta has been dropped from Jive Records. Maybe it's my recent frustrations with Jive (see: Ciara) talking, but I'm really not all that bothered by this news. Case-in-point: Since the release of his sophomore album The Other Side Of Down last October, Jive has released a whopping -0- videos to promote the thing. I think David can easily find a much more competent label that will gladly sign him--similar to the way his fellow Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee did following her split with RCA. David's much too talented & driven for this to be the end.



Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly, he needs a label who gets him and actually promotes him. Check out this inview, it gives you a perspective into DA conflict w/Jive.

ArcheyFan said...

There are other labels...and David is too talented to not be snatched up quickly. I "trust the Archuleta." I'm glad JIVE gave David the opportunity to start his career. There will always be changes in everyone's lives...David will be find and move on and I know produce more awesome amazing music!