Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nicole Scherzinger "Poison" Video Premiere + More

"Poison" is the new single from Nicole Scherzinger. Director Joseph Kahn did an awesome job turning Nicole into a superwoman with the look & style of the video. I'm amped for this new Nicole era!

In related news, Nicole has secured a small role in the upcoming film "Men In Black III". In the threequel, which is currently set to open on May 25, 2012, Nicole will play a villain named Lilly. For more information, read what Nicole said about the character herself by highlighting the text below *spoiler alert*:

"She's like a small villain role. I'm so excited because I get to die. I make an appearance. I say a couple of lines & then I die."


Mary J. Blige Collaborates With Kid Cudi

Mary J. Blige is featured on two songs off Kid Cudi's forthcoming album Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager (November 9th). Here's "These Worries":

And "Don't Play This Song":

Her verse on the former is alright. That's all.


Fefe Dobson "Stuttering" Video Premiere

"Stuttering" is the latest single off Fefe Dobson's upcoming second album Joy (November 30th). Nice video for a very nice song. I hope her album finally comes out so she can do a little promo & get this song some recognition!

Christina Aguilera "InStyle UK" Magazine Cover

Christina Aguilera may be going through some tough personal times, but that isn't stopping her from looking drop dead gorgeous on the cover of the UK's latest InStyle issue. Check her out lighting up the screen in "Burlesque" starting November 24th.

Slash ft. Fergie "Beautiful Dangerous" Video Premiere

"Beautiful Dangerous", featuring Fergie, is the latest single off Slash's self-titled album. I missed hearing that voice! Now, are we all onboard another Fergie solo album? I wouldn't be opposed to a rock-tinged one. ;)

Christina Aguilera "Burlesque" Soundtrack Tracklisting

A tracklisting has been floating around the web for Christina Aguilera's new movie "Burlesque"'s soundtrack, which has been pushed back six days to November 22nd, but the final tracklisting has now been revealed. All of the songs are by Christina Aguilera except where noted:

01 Something's Got A Hold On Me
02 Welcome To Burlesque*
03 Tough Lover
04 But I Am A Good Girl
05 Guy What Takes His Time
06 Express
07 You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me*
08 Bound To You
09 Show Me How You Burlesque
10 The Beautiful People

* = Cher

Pretty excited to be practically getting two new Christina Aguilera albums in one year! Especially since she worked with Tricky Stewart (who produced the best material on Bionic) on this, I bet this is gonna be even better!

Kelly Clarkson Collaborates With Jason Aldean

Kelly Clarkson has taken a page from the money-making books of Carrie Underwood & Taylor Swift, deciding to go a little country by collaborating with Jason Aldean on a track from his forthcoming album My Kinda Party (November 2nd) called "Don't You Want To Stay":

I can only hope this is nowhere near the direction of her fifth album, although she does sound great.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

*UPDATED* Mariah Carey Pregnant

Mariah Carey has finally confirmed her long-speculated pregnancy, sitting down with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush to make the announcement, which was aired this morning on the Today show (see above). Later, after being joined by hubby Nick Cannon, Mariah discussed the bombshell that in late 2008, she suffered a miscarriage (see below). Poor Mimi... :( I'm happy for Mariah & Nick now though, & I pray that she has a smooth pregnancy all the way through to the spring, when their bundle of joy, be it a girl or a boy, is due.

UPDATE: Here is the second part (of three) of Mariah's Access Hollywood interview:

Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday" Update + More

A couple of artists that will be featured on Nicki Minaj's upcoming debut album Pink Friday (November 22nd) have been named & they come as no surprise. For one, we have Eminem, who finds himself (or, rather, Slim Shady) up against Nicki's alter ego Roman Zolanski on the Swizz Beatz-produced "Roman's Revenge". Also, in a recent Ustream session, Nicki revealed that a Drake collaboration is set for inclusion on the album. We should have a tracklisting for Pink Friday on Saturday (when the album becomes available for pre-order on iTunes).

In related news, Nicki was recently named the #6 Hottest MC In The Game by MTV, making her the first female to ever make the list. Congrats, HB!

[Source, Source, Source]

Fantasia "I'm Doin' Me" Behind-The-Scenes

Check out Fantasia shooting her next video for "I'm Doin' Me" off Back To Me recently in New York City. Looks pretty typical, but I see you, 'Tasia, shakin' that thang!

The Black-Eyed Peas "The Beginning" Revised Cover + More

For the cover of their new album The Beginning (November 30th), The Black-Eyed Peas have simply reversed the black background & the white writing. In related news, Fergie has been named Billboard's Woman Of The Year based on the Peas' recent success. Congrats, Ferg... now stop with this techno mess & release us another solo album (PLEASE)!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mariah Carey "Oh Santa!" Promo Video Premiere

Mariah Carey's official website has put together this promo video package for "Oh Santa!", the first single lifted from Mariah's forthcoming holiday album Merry Christmas II You (November 2nd), which a little birdie told me is outstanding! As for the video, it features festive Christmas memories both old & new as well as an always-welcome opportunity to check in on animated MC! This, however, is obviously not the official video for the single that was shot not too long ago.

Nicki Minaj "Right Thru Me" Video Premiere

"Right Thru Me" is the new single off Nicki Minaj's upcoming debut album Pink Friday (November 22nd). As much as I love Nicki, I prefer her crazier side, as this is my least favorite solo video of hers. Maybe it's just me though. Ya know, I must say, thank goodness that there's 17 tracks on her album because I was beginning to think every song was gonna be released as a single before the album ever came out!

Dirty Money ft. Drake "Loving You No More" Video Premiere

"Loving You No More", featuring Drake, is the latest single lifted from Dirty Money's forthcoming album Last Train To Paris (December 14th). I've never been a fan of this song &, to be honest, this video isn't helping at all, but I love all their other singles, so with Ciara's Basic Instinct also on the way, December 14th can't get here any sooner!

Rihanna Does Marie Claire UK Magazine + More

Rihanna('s red hair) has landed itherself a cover spread in the latest UK issue of Marie Claire. Maybe I keep going back & forth with this, but I'm just not particularly feeling the red hair. It just doesn't touch the POW! she had with that cut circa "Umbrella", ya know? Red, yellow, black, white, whatever her hair color, I'm sure Rihanna's forthcoming album Loud (November 16th) will do just fine. In related news, Rihanna's photography book, simply titled "Rihanna", hit stores this Tuesday. You can pick up a copy via the link on the widget to your right if you'd like!

Brandy On Dancing With The Stars: Week 6

Brandy strutted her stuff with a fiery Tango during her sixth week on Dancing With The Stars, which just so happened to be 'rock week'... I don't know why, but Bran sure looked fierce! Topping the leaderboard again with a 26 out of 30, Bran DMC earned themselves yet another week in the competition, so congrats & keep up the good work!

Jennifer Hudson, Lupe Fiasco, & Common "We Can Do It Now" Song Premiere

Jennifer Hudson has teamed up with Lupe Fiasco & Common for "We Can Do It Now", a song dedicated to Chicago that was recorded for the third season of Gatorade's Replay web series. Listen below:

What a bittersweet experience it must have been for Jennifer to sing about Chicago, her hometown, yet the scene of such a personal tragedy. I'm just happy to hear J-Hud again! I look forward to album #2 next year.


Melinda Doolittle Performs "Declaration Of Love" On America's Veterans: A Musical Tribute 2010

On this year's PBS special America's Veterans: A Musical Tribute, Melinda Doolittle showed her support with a performance of "Declaration Of Love" off her debut album Coming Back To You. Yes, Melinda, take me back to Idol season six!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nicki Minaj & Will.I.Am "Check It Out" Video Premiere

"Check It Out" is Nicki Minaj &'s joint single off her upcoming debut album Pink Friday (November 22nd). It's fun, definitely check it out! *pause* See what I did there?! (Wait. First wants to be Djimon Hounsou black, & now he wants to be white?! SMH...) Speaking of checking things out:

Blow Your Mind

Janet Jackson "Jet" Magazine Cover + GMA Appearance

With her new movie "For Colored Girls" coming out on November 5th, Janet Jackson is revving up the promo with a cover story for the latest issue of Jet. I wasn't so sure about it before, but I'm warming up to the short hair! In related news, check out her recent appearance on Good Morning America, where they briefly discuss said interview as well as the film & more:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dirty Money "Loving You No More" Behind-The-Scenes

Dirty Money recently shot the video for their (lacking) new single "Loving You No More" off their upcoming album Last Train To Paris, which will FINALLY see a release on December 14th. I'm just ready for the album!

New Janet Jackson "For Colored Girls" Poster

The final poster has arrived for Janet Jackson's new movie "For Colored Girls". What a cast! Its November 5th release date is fast approaching!


Wynter Gordon "The First Dance" Cover & Tracklisting

Wynter Gordon has debuted the playful cover art for her upcoming EP The First Dance (November 9th). In addition, the tracklisting for the 6-song set has been revealed:

1. I Feel Love (ft. Rhythm Masters & MYNC)
2. Believer (ft. Freemasons)
3. Renegade (ft. Static Revenger)
4. Toyfriend (ft. David Guetta)
5. Right Here (Famties Remix)
6. Dirty Talk (Denzal Park Remix)

I was certainly hoping for more new material, as opposed to remixes & such, but I'm just glad Wynter is finally releasing something other than just a single! Plus, it's not like there isn't enough leaked material out there to keep us going until With The Music I Die... One thing though: We're getting a remix to "Right Here", but what about the original version? Anyone ever heard it?! lol


Celine Dion Welcomes Twin Boys

Celine Dion gave birth to healthy fraternal twin boys on Saturday at 11:11 AM & 11:12 AM. The twins, who have yet to be named, weighed in at 5 lbs., 10 oz. & 5 lbs., 4 oz. Despite giving birth via C-section, the 42-year-old singer's new bundles of joy were born premature, so they will spend the next few days in the hospital. It's been a bumpy road to get to this point for Celine & her family, so I want to congratulate them & wish them all the best!

[Source, Source]

Pink "Biography"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Pink was recently featured on A&E's Biography. Not all that different from her Behind The Music, but still an interesting watch. Her Greatest Hits... So Far!!! collection comes out November 16th.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Exclusive: Brandy "Still Human" Mixtape

This is the seventh & last "mixtape" that I've created (or is it? Read more below.)... & it's easily my favorite, as it's far & away the most played collection of songs on my iTunes. I believe Brandy's Human era is the best era musically anyone's ever had & since you are familiar with this blog, & therefore are likely fond of Ms. Norwood's music, I'm sure most of you have your own playlist of unreleased Brandy songs from this era, but this is mine. Still Human includes pretty much all of the material that leaked right around the release of the Human album that didn't make the cut, as I was very excited, to say the least, at the time, which is why you even have her John Legend collaboration on there, but it just so happens that everything that emerged with Brandy's name on it at the time was incredible! Obviously Brandy's signature brilliant vocal arrangements are present here, but I can't even begin to put into words how amazing the music that this woman has created is & how thankful I am to have it at times like these when there is a total & utter R&B drought out there, so take a listen above & prepare for bliss!

1. Gonna Find My Love
2. After The Flood
3. Drum Life
4. Surprise Ending
5. Locket (Locked In Love)
6. Porcelain Doll
7. Bring It Back
8. 2nd Thought
9. Quickly (ft. John Legend)
10. Throw It All Away
11. Freedom
12. Keyed
13. One Thing

As for these "mixtapes," if you all are enjoying them, then I am happy to report that I have been busy putting many more together & I can post them if you'd like... in fact, I actually thought I could create a separate blog to throw 'em up on & possibly provide download links (as I'm not up for risking the years of work I've put into this blog going to waste because of a few DL links). Another idea I had that you might like however is one I picked up from That Grape Juice (which I don't visit on a regular basis anymore, so I don't know if they've done this in a while or not) & that's posting a 'Best You've Never Heard' every weekend or so (right here!), which would have me weeding through all the multitudes of leaked material from everybody over the years & finding the absolute gems that we're all always on the hunt for! So, hopefully you've read this & if you'd like to share your thoughts on what you'd like me to do moving forward, just drop me a comment! Thanks :)

*UPDATED* New Mariah Carey Promo Pic + More

Another promotional picture from Mariah Carey's fun David LaChapelle photoshoot for Merry Christmas II You (November 2nd) has surfaced. Excusing the bad photoshop job, as it's less noticable where it's currently being used one of Mariah's official site's backgrounds, it's sweet! In related news, Mariah has quite a lil' promo schedule going surrounding her upcoming second Christmas album's release:
  • Tuesday, November 2nd: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, *Lopez Tonight*
  • *Wednesday, November 3rd: Chelsea Lately (taping)*
  • Tuesday, November 30th: Christmas At Rockefeller Center
  • Sunday, December 12th: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

The above are in addition to a Christmas special for ABC that will be taped *on November 6th* as well as festive appearances on the Saturday Night Live Christmas Special & the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade Special, the latter of which will also air on ABC. More TBA appearances include Oprah, Today, The View, & The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

[Source, Source]

Leona Lewis & Biagio Antonacci Perform "Inaspettata" In Italy

Leona Lewis joined Biagio Antonacci for a performance of his song "Inaspettata" on Italian TV recently. Naturally, Leona sounded lovely, but it happened to be the debut of her brunette 'do that stole the show. She looks great!

New Pink Promo Pics

Pink is just being her bada$$ self in these new promotional photos for her upcoming compilation Greatest Hits... So Far! (November 16th). I like! Very much!

N.E.R.D. "Help Me" Video Premiere

N.E.R.D. has premiered a viral video for the track "Help Me" off their forthcoming album Nothing (November 2nd). Terriblehorriblenogoodverybad.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Black-Eyed Peas "The Beginning" Cover + More

The cover art for The Black-Eyed Peas' upcoming album The Beginning (November 30th) has been revealed & it's too bad it's super cool because the album itself, if their first single "The Time (The Dirty Bit)" (see/hear below) is any indication, is going to be horrible.


Ryan Leslie "Never Gonna Break Up" Video Premiere

Ryan Leslie took his good ol' time releasing a video for "Never Gonna Break Up", which happens to be the second track off his sophomore album Transition to receive the visual treatment--despite the fact that he's been hard at work on his follow-up Les Is More for quite some time now. The good news is that even though he's independent now, he has some serious connections because this video was beautifully shot!

Rihanna "Loud" Tracklisting

There's been quite a bit of confusion surrounding the tracklisting for Rihanna's fifth album Loud (November 16th) lately, but it looks like the official sequence has been confirmed:

1. S&M
2. What's My Name? (ft. Drake)
3. Cheers (Drink To That)
4. Fading
5. Only Girl (In The World)
6. California King Bed
7. Man Down
8. Raining Men (ft. Nicki Minaj)
9. Complicated
10. Skin
11. Love The Way You Lie (Part II) (ft. Eminem)

So, in case you haven't heard, there will be a sequel to her #1 hit Eminem collaboration that has her taking the lead with him as the featured artist. I must say, I'm kinda digging "What's My Name", so I'm rather excited to hear the rest of Loud. I'm sad "Who's That Chick" won't be included as a part of the album, but Rihanna has supposedly stated that it will be a bonus track of some kind, so I'll keep you all posted on that.


The Caffeine Patch: Cars 2 Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for Pixar's next "Cars 2" has arrived. Opening next summer, I can't say the plot of the studio's first non-"Toy Story" sequel looks that promising, but I have every faith in Pixar because they have never failed me & I look forward to seeing more of these hilarious characters regardless! "Cars 2" hits theaters on June 24, 2011.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jennifer Lopez "Gucci" Ads

Jennifer Lopez & her adorable twins are currently starring in the latest ad campaign from Gucci. These are some gorgeous advertisements!


Billboard Update

^#1 Album #1 Single^

Upon its physical release, Lil' Wayne's I Am Not A Human Being tops the Billboard 200 album chart this week, while Far East Movement/The Cataracs/Dev land on top of the Hot 100 singles chart with "Like A G6". Nicki Minaj makes her way to the chart's top tier for the first time via Trey Songz's "Bottoms Up" @ #10. Also, Pink's "Raise Your Glass" jumps 51-11, earning both Airplay & Digital Gainer titles. In addition, it's worth noting that Mariah Carey's "Oh Santa!" debuts atop the new Holiday Digital Songs tally (one slot above "All I Want For Christmas Is You")!

See full charts HERE

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Christina Aguilera, Others Added To AMA Performer Lineup

Christina Aguilera is set to perform a song from her new movie "Burlesque" at the 2010 American Music Awards. In addition, Rihanna will reportedly open the show. Dirty Money is also scheduled to take the stage. This year's show, which will air Sunday, November 21st, @ 8/7c on ABC, is looking better & better!

[Source, Source, Source, Source]

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mariah Carey "Merry Christmas II You" Album Preview

"O Little Town Of Bethlehem"/"Little Drummer Boy" (Medley)

"O Come All Ye Faithful"/"Hallelujah Chorus" (ft. Patricia Carey)

"The First Noel"/"Born Is The King (Interlude)"

"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Intro)"

Interview (Pt. 1)

Interview (Pt. 2)

Interview (Pt. 3)

As you may have heard, Mariah Carey has teamed up with the Home Shopping Network to promote her forthcoming holiday album Merry Christmas II You (November 2nd) & offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes DVD (in case you were wondering what ever happpened to that). Throughout the day today, HSN aired an interview with Mariah that found her discussing the album & playing snippets of some of the songs included on it, which sound amazing! The interview, though rather repetitive in good ol' HSN fashion, showed off Mariah's delightful personality very well, especially towards the end, making it a worthwhile watch.

Preview Jessica Mauboy's "Get 'Em Girls"

Clips of each song featured on Jessica Mauboy's upcoming sophomore album Get 'Em Girls (November 5th) are available to stream HERE. I like what I'm hearing, although I would rather listen to them in full, but I just wanna say, in her defense re: the crap she is getting about the direction of this album, so what if she wants to work with American producers to get a more international sound/make that international $?! The girl is talented--let her do with it what she wants!

Remady ft. Craig David "Do It On My Own" Video Premiere

"Do It On My Own", featuring Craig David, is the new single off Swiss(?) Remady's latest album No Superstar. I'm thinking... the camera probably shouldn't get that close to Craig's face no mo'.

2010 Soul Train Award Nominees Announced

Usher & new mom Alicia Keys have something (else) to celebrate because they lead the nominations for the 2010 Soul Train Awards with four each. Several worthy artists, including Nicki Minaj, Dondria, Monica, Fantasia, Rihanna, & Janelle Monae, earned a pair. Keyshia Cole as well as Janelle Monae will be performing at this year's event, which goes down on Sunday, November 28th @ 9/8c on BET. Check out the rest of the rather exciting nominees HERE.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rihanna "Who's That Chick (Night Version)" Video Premiere + More

As was rumored, Rihanna did in fact shoot two "Who's That Chick" videos for her Doritos campaign. Check out the 'night' version above (making the previously posted one... can't fool you: the 'day' version). The song will likely be included (if they're smart) on Rihanna's upcoming album Loud (November 16th). I had this whole thing about the song not really fitting this type of setting as well as the one in the other video prepared, but I instantly got over all that when I watched both versions side-by-side (see below). It's basically the same video, shot-for-shot, with different stylings! I love it!! Heck, I've fallen for the song too! Nice one, RiRi.

Brandy On Dancing With The Stars: Week 5

Brandy led the pack with her Quickstep, which scored a 27 (out of 30)--her highest score yet!, this week on Dancing With The Stars. (Is it just me or did that look awfully slow to be the QUICKstep..? lol) Shoot, you made that look easy, Brandy! Team Bran DMC!

Natasha Bedingfield "Strip Me" Video Preview

Natasha Bedingfield has revealed this sneak peek at her video for the title track off her forthcoming album Strip Me (December 7th). Looks, umm... yup.

Jessica Mauboy "Get 'Em Girls" Cover & Tracklisting

Jessica Mauboy is gearing up for the November 5th Australian release of her sophomore album Get 'Em Girls, cover art above. I see where she's going with it &... I can dig it. I also have the CD's tracklisting for you:

1. Get 'Em Girls (ft. Snoop Dogg)
2. Handle It
3. Accelerate That
4. Scariest Part
5. Saturday Night (ft. Ludacris)
6. What Happened To Us (ft. Jay Sean)
7. Reconnected
8. Like This (ft. Iyaz)
9. Foreign
10. Can Anybody Tell Me
11. Fight For You
12. Maze
13. Here For Me
14. No One Like You
15. Forget Your Name (Bonus Track)

I have high hopes, Jessica!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Adam Lambert Performs "If I Had You" On The X Factor Australia

We haven't seen much of Adam Lambert as he's been on tour lately, but he showed up on The X Factor in Australia to perform his latest single "If I Had You" off For Your Entertainment. Sounds like to me the tour has tired his vocal chords out a bit. :( It's still nice to see you again, Adam!

Eve "Lip Lock" Update

It's looking more & more like, after what will be a nine-year wait, Eve is going to finally release her fourth album Lip Lock. Due in March, the set has added such collaborators as Salaam Remi, Akon, & famed remixers MSTRKRFT since Eve made her way over to EMI. Personally, I'm still most interested in hearing what she's cooked up with Swizz Beatz for the project because I think the two of them are great together (musically)!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jordin Sparks "Beauty & The Beast" Video Premiere

Finally, we have the full video for Jordin Sparks' "Beauty & The Beast", which is featured on "Beauty & The Beast: Diamond Edition", the Disney classic's Blu-ray debut. As for the video itself, Jordin looks gorgeous (as always) in a beautifully shot setting!

"Michael Jackson's Vision" Details

Been waiting for that DVD with ALL of Michael Jackson's videos included? Well, come November 22nd, it'll be here! Dubbed "Michael Jackson's Vision", the 3-disc set will feature the previously unreleased video for 2003's "One More Chance", restored & remastered versions of all of his videos--10 of which are appearing on DVD for the first time, & more. Click HERE to see the full list of videos, broken down by disc. To be nitpicky, I don't know why they included the videos that aren't strictly Michael (the three by The Jacksons & the 3T one) when they could've included the Spike Lee-directed "This Is It" video & the "One More Chance" clip video, or "Moonwalker" & "Ghosts" in full--& heck, even "Captain EO"--BUT, as you can see, that's reeeally being specific because this truly is an awesome set! I. Am. Sooo. Getting. This!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Britney Spears "Cosmopolitan Sweden" Magazine Cover

Britney(-bot) Spears is on the cover of Cosmopolitan's latest issue in Sweden.


Billboard Update

^#1 Album #1 Single^

Toby Keith lands atop the Billboard 200 album chart this week with Bullets In The Gun, while David Archuleta debuts @ #13 with The Other Side Of Down. Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are" is on top of the Hot 100 singles chart, where Rihanna rebounds 8-6 as Airplay Gainer with "Only Girl (In The World)". Meanwhile, Pink debuts @ #51 with "Raise Your Glass"... thank goodness for which because if it weren't for Pink, these darn Billboard updates would be too depressing to continue posting.

See full charts HERE

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday" Cover

Nicki Minaj has revealed her personality-fitting cover art for Pink Friday, the rapper's debut album. Ever since the initial "say whaaa" expression made its way off my face, I've been trying to convince myself that this cover is cool... & it's sorta working. Regardless, I'll be dashing to the store to purchase my copy of Pink Friday come November 22nd!


Alicia Keys Welcomes Son

Alicia Keys gave birth to her first child on Thursday night in New York City. The fourth child for her husband Swizz Beatz, the baby boy was named Egypt Daoud Dean. Not sure how to pronounce that middle name, but congrats to the happy family nonetheless!


Rihanna "Kodak" Commercial

Rihanna stars as the latest face of Kodak for the camera brand's "So Kodak" campaign. Short & dull sweet! RiRi's forthcoming album Loud arrives on November 16th.

Usher "Ebony" Magazine Cover

Usher does a rather robotic impersonation of Sammy Davis, Jr. on the cover of Ebony for their 65th anniversary. Mary did a better job with this, but it's still a cool idea. Usher's EP Versus is available now.


Preview David Archuleta's "The Other Side Of Down" (Pt. 6)

I know, I know, I'm incredible late with this... not that they didn't wait until The Other Side Of Down was out to post it either! They hid it from me, what can I say?! David only discusses the album's final track "My Kind Of Perfect" here anyway, leaving us to decipher "Things Are Gonna Get Better" all for ourselves... lol.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nicki Minaj & Keri Hilson Set For VH1 Divas

Nicki Minaj & Keri Hilson will be joined by Katy Perry, Sugarland, & Paramore when they all take the stage at VH1 Divas Salute The Troops. Through a partnership with the USO, the divas will sing for the military in San Diego, with the exception of Paramore, who will travel to the Middle East to perform. The special will air on Sunday, December 5th, @ 9/8c on VH1. Now, I love Nicki & Keri, I do, but... I was so proud of VH1 last year for starting this tradition back up with such a strong lineup of singers (She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named excluded, of course)... but this? SMH.


Dirty Money "Last Train To Paris" Update

We finally know that the Last Train To Paris will be pulling out of the station on December 14th, but that's not all that's recently been revealed about Dirty Money's forthcoming album. Newly announced collaborators for the project include Usher, Trey Songz, & Grace Jones, while the producers that got onboard since we last spoke are Polow Da Don, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, Danja, Swizz Beatz, Sean Garrett, Mario Winans, D'Mile (Jennifer Lopez's "What Is Love?"), Tricky Stewart, & The-Dream. In other words, they're pulling out all the stops for this one & that's why I'm so excited about it! Also, be on the lookout for their new single "Coming Home" coming soon.


Kelly Rowland Album Update

Kelly Rowland has been hard at work recording what will likely end up being the urban-leaning US version of her upcoming third album. Recently, she tweeted that she was in the studio with the man himself, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, & his longtime collaborator LaShawn Daniels. Only good can come of this! All I ask, Kelly, is that the album drop in the first half of 2011. This pushing-back-an-album-for-a-year-&-a-half stuff is getting reeeally old!

[Source, Source]

Nicole Scherzinger "Poison" Song Premiere

Nicole Scherzinger has premiered her new RedOne-produced single "Poison", which will receive a(n apparent UK) release on Monday, November 29th. YEEESS!!!! She's back & as hot-as-a-stove as ever! I just hope she's planning on some US, uh, domination as well.

Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday" Update

In the most unsurprising of news, Nicki Minaj has pushed the release of her debut album Pink Friday day to November 22nd, joining the week's other new releases that Monday. Hey though, I'll take it! In addition, rumor has it Rihanna is set to feature on Pink Friday, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. In related news, Nicki picked up three trophies at the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards the other night, including Rookie Of The Year & the Made-You-Look Style Award as well as the People's Champ Award for "Your Love", so congrats for the well-deserved honors, Nicki!

[Source, Source, Source, Source]

Christina Aguilera Files For Divorce

So, definitely not the Christina Aguilera news I would like to be posting. Nevertheless, the Grammy winner has filed for divorce from her husband of five years, Jordan Bratman. Following the announcement of their separation, "irreconcilable differences" was cited as the reason for the divorce, despite speculation that Christina had cheated. She is seeking joint custody of their son Max, though denying Jordan the right to spousal support. Also, there was a prenup. I'll definitely be keeping Christina, Jordan, & Max in my thoughts, & I hope they all find happiness in the future.


Kelly Rowland, Rihanna Contribute To Christmas Compilation

As music stars do, Kelly Rowland & Rihanna are celebrating the holidays a bit early with new recordings featured on the compilation Now That's What I Call Christmas! 4. Kelly's track is a cover of the classic "Wonderful Christmastime":

Lovely! As for Rihanna, she did a reggae-tinged version of "A Child Is Born":

*blank stare* Nice message! Now That's What I Call Christmas! 4 is out now.