Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rihanna "Who's That Chick (Night Version)" Video Premiere + More

As was rumored, Rihanna did in fact shoot two "Who's That Chick" videos for her Doritos campaign. Check out the 'night' version above (making the previously posted one... can't fool you: the 'day' version). The song will likely be included (if they're smart) on Rihanna's upcoming album Loud (November 16th). I had this whole thing about the song not really fitting this type of setting as well as the one in the other video prepared, but I instantly got over all that when I watched both versions side-by-side (see below). It's basically the same video, shot-for-shot, with different stylings! I love it!! Heck, I've fallen for the song too! Nice one, RiRi.

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