Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Michael Jackson's Vision" Details

Been waiting for that DVD with ALL of Michael Jackson's videos included? Well, come November 22nd, it'll be here! Dubbed "Michael Jackson's Vision", the 3-disc set will feature the previously unreleased video for 2003's "One More Chance", restored & remastered versions of all of his videos--10 of which are appearing on DVD for the first time, & more. Click HERE to see the full list of videos, broken down by disc. To be nitpicky, I don't know why they included the videos that aren't strictly Michael (the three by The Jacksons & the 3T one) when they could've included the Spike Lee-directed "This Is It" video & the "One More Chance" clip video, or "Moonwalker" & "Ghosts" in full--& heck, even "Captain EO"--BUT, as you can see, that's reeeally being specific because this truly is an awesome set! I. Am. Sooo. Getting. This!


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