Saturday, February 12, 2011

Elliott Yamin "3 Words" Video Premiere

"3 Words" is the first single off Elliott Yamin's third album Gather 'Round, which is out now in Japan/due in March or April in the US. Not bad. This is one of the four or five quite good songs on the album... the rest are alright, but kinda retro & not what I was hoping for.


Anonymous said...

Love Elliott Yamin's, voice and music. This new video for Three Words is wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Love the song!!! It deserves Top 40 Radio Airplay here in America!!

Anonymous said...

I had to switch my iTunes from the US store to the Japan store to hear the clips of the songs.

(Off topic: iTunes clips are now longer than 30 seconds! Woohoo!)

I like the first 4 songs. The retro sounds of the rest are not my cup of tea.