Friday, February 29, 2008

Ruben Studdard To Sing Idol Top 12 Farewell Track

American Idol season two winner Ruben Studdard, who was recently dropped from J Records, but is still affiliated with 19 Entertainment, will sing the farewell track played for each departing contestant during the top 12 portion of the seventh season of Idol. The song is a cover of Kenny Loggins' "Celebrate Me Home," produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. What a cool gig! Just when you thought another one had bitten the dust. Ruben will also be recording for a new album, which is excellent news as well. In related news, I have to share with you all what is hands-down the best performance so far on this seventh season & one of the best in the history of Idol. It is performed by someone who is fast becoming my favorite this season, David Archuleta, & who will most likely be giving more amazing performances similar to & better than this in the coming weeks (song--"Imagine"):

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Billboard Update *Happy Leap Day!*

^This week's #1 album on the Billboard 200 chart
This week's #1 single on the Hot 100 chart^

See full chart HERE.

Once again this week. But something tells me a certain Ms. Jackson might just have something to say about that next week... Anyway, here's a little something I will be doing in the weeks to come:

"Touch My Body" Watch
TW: #34 - LW: #57 - Peak: #34 - Week: #2

Kelly Rowland Album Update

A new promotional image of Ms. Kelly can be seen to the left. So, what did we already know? A re-release of Kelly Rowland's modest-selling "Ms. Kelly" album has been in the works for a minute. It has recently been confirmed that, in America at least, the 're-release' will be a digital release under the new title of Diva Deluxe due March 25th. The good thing is that the album will include five new songs, plus two remixes of songs from the Ms. Kelly record. However, the main thing I am personally upset about with this is that I was looking forward to a DVD (that the UK will apparently be getting) with all the hot videos Kelly has made to promote this latest record ("Like This," "Ghetto," "Work," "Daylight," & "Comeback"). I suppose America doesn't deserve it, persay, with the lack of support, but was that not the initial purpose of the re-release? Some have justified this move as something that can be seen as a "for the fans"-type release, but there is no reason for something like that at all. The fans don't want her to get dropped from her label, which would confirm that, for at least a while, we would get no new Kelly at all, but that is exactly where she is headed with Columbia pulling a stunt like this. No one will notice the re-release & her sales will continue to be minimal.


Leona Lewis "Better In Time" Video Premiere

"Better In Time" is the second single (in the UK) from Leona Lewis' hit debut album Spirit, due in the US April 8th. I just wanna say that this is one girl that knows how to look good in a video. She has people behind-the-scenes that know how to make her look good at least. This is another cool video from Leona, though it probably falls in between the UK & US versions of "Bleeding Love" for me. Is this song not '90s to anyone else? Still great though.

Cherish "The Truth" Cover

Check out the hot shot that is the cover for Cherish's sophomore album, entitled The Truth, which will be released on April 29th. From the little I've heard, with the exception of single "Killa," the sisters are gearing up for a hot record, too!

Enrique Iglesias ft. Lil' Wayne "Push" Video Premiere

"Push," featuring Lil' Wayne, is Enrique Iglesias' fourth single from his most recent studio album Insomniac & the 867th single from the "Step Up 2: The Streets" soundtrack. I like the song for some reason. That's why I'm posting this corny, err, porny video. What, exactly, is up with him filming those two ... Adam & Eve-style, gettin' familiar? Btw, Lil' Wayne is not in the video.

(Disclaimer: I do not support porn. I linked to an outlet through which one might purchase (at a steal!) the third season of the best show of all time, Veronica Mars, which I quote often.)

Keri Hilson Debut Single News

Keri Hilson, Timbaland's right hand lady on his hit "The Way I Are," is set to release her debut album In A Perfect World... this year. It has now been confirmed that the title of her first single will be "Return The Favor." Keri is the one to watch, imo, & I cannot wait (though I, along with many other, have had to for a while now already) for her to drop her debut & blow us away. Might I just add that this girl is fine!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sean Kingston ft. Juelz Santana And The DEY "There's Nothin'" Video Premiere

"There's Nothin'," featuring rapper Juelz Santana & newcomers The DEY, is the fourth single from Sean Kingston's hit self-titled debut album. This is a cool video. Sean is here to stay, I guess! I like this guy, but I was afraid the world would make him a one hit wonder with "Beautiful Girls." Guess I was wrong, which is good!

Ashanti "The Way That I Love You" Official Video Premiere

"The Way That I Love You" is the official first single from Ashanti's upcoming fourth studio album The Declaration, due June 3rd. This is the official version of the video, which is a bit different from the first cut from a couple weeks ago. It's nice to see a proper, finalized video for this wonderful song & I like it even more now, having seen this.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Janet Jackson "Ebony" Magazine Cover

Janet Jackson continues her world domination this week, appearing on the cover of Ebony magazine looking quite classic Janet. She looks great & I wish the best for her with this new album.

Leona Lewis "Footprints In The Sand" Video Premiere

"Footprints In The Sand" is the official single of Sport Relief 2008 & is taken from Leona Lewis' debut album Spirit, set to drop in the US on April 8th. What a nice video. It seems like a great cause, & I'm glad she was able to make a video for this song & for a good reason.

Janet Jackson Performs "Feedback" On TRL

Here it is, folks! Janet performing "Feedback" yesterday on TRL as promotion for her newly released album Discipline, which is incredible & I will be reviewing it soon. I love this performance. This was a part of TRL's Spankin' New Ladies Week, as was Jordin Sparks performing "No Air" Monday, which you can check out HERE.

*UPDATED* Mariah Carey "Touch My Body" Video Premiere

"Touch My Body" is the lead single off Mariah Carey's new album E=MC², due to be released on April 15th. I don't think I've been more excited about posting something since I started this blog. Amazing. That's the best way to describe how I feel about this video. Mariah looks as beautiful & youthful as ever, & the comedy WORKS! It's hilarious & makes me like the song even more. It's really not healthy to love Mariah this much.

UPDATE: When Mariah appeared on TRL today (to premiere the video), she let a little info on her album out of the bag. She explained her album title, which was quite obvious, as meaning "Emancipation equals Mariah Carey to the second power." So we should expect the second, & better, coming of The Emancipation Of Mimi? Excellent.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

*UPDATED* Janet Jackson Performs On Good Morning America

It finally happened! Something I've been looking forward to, possibly more than the release of Discipline, for a while. When Janet Jackson appeared on Good Morning America today, she performed "Feedback"(!) & "That's The Way Love Goes," both of which can be viewed below. She also performed her second single "Rock With U," but the full performance did not air on television & is supposed to be on the show's website sometime today. Still, we have two to enjoy now! I enjoyed "Feedback," though you could see it better on TRL today, which I will have up as soon as MTV adds it to their site! They just can't keep up with me...


"That's The Way Love Goes"

UPDATE: Now, view "Rock With U" below. Hot! (props to That Grape Juice for ripping it):

Leona Lewis "Better In Time/Footprints In The Sand" Single Cover

Leona Lewis will be releasing "Better In Time," as a double A-side with "Footprints In The Sand," as the second single off her album Spirit in the UK. The single is being used as the official single of Sport Relief 2008, as one might observe. She looks great in the cover shot & I can't wait to see the new video(s) (& I hope it's a sign of what's to come here in America).


Estelle ft. Kanye West "American Boy" Video Premiere

"American Boy," featuring Kanye West, is the second single off English artist Estelle's new album Shine, out May 6th. I recently discovered Estelle, via her first single "Wait A Minute (Just A Touch)," which I loved. "American Boy" is also a good song, though I personally prefer the former. The video for the song, I must say, is quite cool. Not the biggest fan of black & white, I can appreciate what they did, such as the shadow behind her in that one shot. (You'll know when you watch.) Keep an eye out for John Legend, whose label she is signed to, & Terrence from 106 & Park!

New Music Tuesday: Janet Jackson "Discipline" CD

The day has finally arrived! Janet Jackson is set to release her latest album Discipline TODAY! This set looks to be one of her best. I don't think I've ever looked forward to a Janet album so much. Check out the above preview for the bonus DVD attached to the deluxe edition package that I will be picking up! You can HERE.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mariah Carey "Touch My Body" Video Sneak Peek

Check out this 45-second sneak peek of Mariah Carey's new video "Touch My Body," the full-length of which will be premiering this Wednesday on MTV's TRL as a part of Spankin' New Ladies Week. I can't wait!

Kelly Rowland Gives Update On "Ms. Kelly" Re-Release

(Disclaimer: The sound isn't very loud, so you might have to turn up those speakers! Sorry.)

Former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland has recently made a video blog through her fan club, letting fans know the latest on the re-release of her sophomore album, originally released last summer, Ms. Kelly. The part that one might find interesting is the middle & largest chunk of the video, in which Kelly confirms that the recently leaked track "No Man, No Cry," as well as a track by the name of "Unity" and another as-yet-untitled song, will be included on the re-release. She is still recording and stated that she plans to have the single "Daylight" out in the US by this spring or summer. Silly me, thinking it already was. And heck, I was expecting the album to be released before summer--ha! Gotta love Kelly, though.

Jennifer Hudson At The 80th Oscars

Although I don't often post "out & about"-type shots of celebs, I thought I'd share the wonderful Jennifer Hudson at last night's Academy Awards with you. She looked great and it's cool to see her again ... where she had her own golden night one year ago. Check out some more shots HERE. We want a single already! (Only because we love you.)

The Caffeine Patch: Ratatouille Wins Oscar!

At the 80th Annual Academy Awards, Disney/Pixar's "Ratatouille" won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film! Congratulations go out to Brad Bird, the film's director, and all the others who worked on this great film. I hope that "WALL-E" brings the same luck next year!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

*UPDATED* Janet Jackson Spoofs MTV Shows

As Janet Jackson will be MTV's artist of the week this coming week to promote her new album Discipline, out Tuesday, she has shot these spoofs of their popular reality shows My Super Sweet 16, A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila, The Real World, Rob & Big, and Making The Band to be shown throughout the week. Hilarious!

Celine Dion Performs "Eyes On Me" With Will.I.Am

So, I just got around to watching the "Celine Dion: That's Just The Woman In Me" CBS special on my DVR since I was out of town last Friday when it aired and I quite enjoyed it. Though it's nothing much compared to her "A New Day..." DVD, it was nice to see her perform some of the new songs, even if she lip-synched many of them (which bugs the crap out of me because I KNOW she could sing them live flawlessly). Anyway, I wanted to share the performance that would fit in with this blog the best. It is really cool and unexpected.

Ray J "All I Feel" Cover

Cover for Ray J's upcoming album All I Feel, due April 1st. I don't even know what to say. I'm so over him. I gave him the benefit of the doubt the first time around, being Brandy's brother & all, but ... yeah. He is "feeling" himself a bit too much for my taste.


100th Post! Mariah Carey Tidbits: "Touch My Body" Video Update, New Song Titles

Check out the hot new "Touch My Body" banner! You can get your very own, or a widget, MySpace layout, & more by clicking it. In related news, Mariah will be on TRL this Wednesday, February 27th, to premiere the video for the song! So excited. Also, 3 song titles that were not on the "official" tracklisting posted by Billboard when they announced That Chick (see: my earlier post) have been revealed. They are: "Last Kiss" (co-produced by Jermaine Dupri), "Side Effects" (co-produced by Scott Storch), & "I Wish You Well," which is getting some high praises. All the other tracks except "For The Record" were mentioned in that same article. Lest we forget, E=MC² drops April 15th!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Leona Lewis To Record New Album Before First Tour

Leona Lewis, who is on the verge of dominating America with the stateside release her record-breaking debut album Spirit on April 8th, has plans to record her next album before touring. Her label would like to make Spirit "the biggest record in the world," then follow it up with her sophomore effort in 2009 and a tour in support of that in 2010. This is an interesting move, though it does make a bit of sense, seeing as how Leona has sold ridiculously well without supporting her record with a tour. I suppose they are saving it until they need it. That's fine with me because I don't live in the UK and wouldn't get to go if I did because I never get to go to concerts. Depressing stuff.

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Jennifer Lopez Gives Birth To Twins

Jennifer Lopez, pictured this month to the left, gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl) earlier today. The children are hers with husband Marc Anthony. Their daughter, 5 lbs. 7 oz., was born first, followed by their son, 6 lbs. Neither has been named yet. Congratulations to the both of them!


*UPDATED* Billboard Update

^This week's #1 album on the Billboard 200 chart
This week's #1 single on the Hot 100 chart^

See full chart HERE.

Again this week. You know how I feel about these (*gag*), but the top spots aren't the big news this week. With the release of the 25th Anniversary Edition of his classic album Thriller, Michael Jackson had the second-best selling album of the week, with 166,000 copies sold. Unfortunately, despite even getting past all those post-Grammy sales spikes (see: Amy Winehouse), Thriller 25 is ineligible to chart on the Billboard 200, according to them, because it is a "catalog" album. Even with all that time in the recording studio and all those new tracks ... sad. Well, go MJ anyway! (Read the article HERE)

UPDATE: Mariah Carey had the top debut of the week on the Hot 100 with "Touch My Body" at #57, Billboard reports. Exciting!

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

2008 BRIT Award Performance Highlights

So, a while back, I posted the nominees for this show, which included several for Leona Lewis, who was sure to have a great night. While her performance was good, she walked away *shockingly* empty-handed, despite breaking numerous records with her debut album Spirit. Kate Nash, who I also reported on, did win one for British Female Solo Artist. As for the only other notable performance, Rihanna (below), her 867,549th performance of "Umbrella" was visually appealing, but no one cares about that song anymore. Check out the performances below:

Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love"

Rihanna "Umbrella"

Janet Jackson "Vibe" Magazine Covers

On the latest issue of Vibe magazine, Janet Jackson is on the cover ... twice. How hot is that first shot? I do like to think of Janet as her own person, but it's cool. The second shot is just Ms. Jackson looking her fine self. She looks more youthful everyday!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Trina "Still Da Baddest" Cover

Here's the cover to Trina's upcoming fourth album entitled Still Da Baddest, out April 1st. It worries me. Don't swallow! Anyway, though the single is underwhelming, I am looking forward to that collabo with Keyshia Cole! Feel free to check out the tracklisting & pre-order the record HERE.

Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown "No Air" Video Premiere

"No Air," featuring Chris Brown, is the second single off American Idol 6 winner Jordin Sparks' self-titled debut album. After the disappointing "Tattoo" video, I shouldn't have been expecting much, so I am pleased with it. The video is, of course, better than "Tattoo." I really like this song, despite the fact that I am not the biggest Chris Breezy fan, but he does well on this. I guess Jordin just makes him sounds better ... 'cause she's freaking amazing.

Paula Abdul "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" Video Premiere

"Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" is actually the first single off Randy Jackson's new album Randy Jackson's Music Club, Vol. 1, which features several guests, one of which is obviously his fellow Idol judge Paula Abdul. I like the song, even though I was not expecting to, and the video is pretty good imo. It's kinda hard to judge from these crappy little versions we have to watch on the internet, but I wasn't let down (probably because, again, I wasn't expecting much).

Mario Joins Cast Of Dancing With The Stars

R&B singer Mario will be joining the cast of the upcoming sixth season of the hit TV show Dancing With The Stars. I don't watch the show because I think the concept is dumb, but this should do good things for him in that people might actually remember he exists. This could give him the exposure he needs to start selling again (because the music is ON POINT. Go is fantastic.) On the other hand, I'm afraid this could mean him putting a hold on the music career for a minute. I guess I can be patient for another Mario record. I just hope he continues to promote Go is all.

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Nicole Scherzinger "Men's Fitness" Magazine Cover

Nicole Scherzinger is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Men's Fitness magazine looking amazing. The question is: Does she ever not? I'm still holding out hope that we will get her solo record ... eventually. Maybe it will leak at least if PCD puts out another album first because I need that CD. You can view more shots from the issue HERE.

Monday, February 18, 2008

While I Was Away...

So, as many of you may have noticed, I didn't update for about a week. I had to go out of town to a convention for a while & didn't have time to let everyone know where I was going, so I apologize for that. However, never fear, because I have all the news right here just for you:

If I have to go away again, I'll do all I can not to leave ya hangin'! Hope you enjoy =D

Meet The American Idol Top 24!

These are the top 24 contestants on season 7 of American Idol! I love this show & have watched faithfully for almost it's entire run (I caught everything I missed on "American Idol Rewind!"). To meet them individually, go HERE. So far, I am interested in Syesha, David A. & Carly. I am looking forward to seeing what Amanda, Asia'h & Danny bring to the table, as I am not yet sold on them. I am definitely not interested in David C., Michael or Robbie. There are a few others I can remember, but many I don't think have even been given any airtime yet, so I am encouraged about this season's talent.

Mariah Carey "Touch My Body" Single Cover + Album News

You are checking out the steaming hot cover for the one & only Mariah Carey's first single "Touch My Body," which will NOW be featured on her forthcoming record entitled E=MC², which now drops April 15th. It's also safe to say that the previously released album cover (featuring the old title That Chick), which is the same picture as above, will no longer be the album's cover art. I really like the single, and the album title change is alright with me, as I can appreciate the new one (with more substance), but I was fine with the old one, personally.

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Melinda Doolittle "My Funny Valentine" Single Cover

Last year's 3rd place "American Idol" finalist and fan favorite Melinda Doolittle appears to be starting up a recording career with the digital release of her holiday-inspired single "My Funny Valentine." I loved Melinda and hope she does big things. Here's to album news really soon! You can purchase the single HERE.

*UPDATED* Mariah Carey "Touch My Body" Video Update

Mariah Carey has shot the music video for her first single "Touch My Body," taken from her upcoming album That Chick, due April 1st. She reportedly did so over this past weekend somewhere in LA. We fans can look forward to something great as Brett Ratner, director of the Rush Hour movies, as well as Mariah's very own "Heartbreaker," "It's Like That," and "We Belong Together," directed the video. Also, Jack McBrayer from NBC's "30 Rock" is to be featured in the video. Interesting stuff. I can't wait to see it and to actually hear the song soon!

UPDATE: A shot from the set of the "Touch My Body" music video can be seen to the right, via Mariah Daily Journal. More have been added there, so take a look!


Monday, February 11, 2008

The 50th Annual Grammy Awards Round-Up (With Updated Links)

So, Janet Jackson didn't perform. Michael Jackson didn't even show up. Heck, even Mary J. Blige didn't make it. And Amy Winehouse swept. The Grammys this year, as they seemingly have for a while now, sucked. Apparently, I'm not the only 1 who thinks so, either. Still, here are 3 of the best performances of the night for your viewing pleasure:

Beyonce & Tina Turner "Proud Mary" (Pt. 2)

Kanye West "Stronger" (Pt. 1)

Fergie & John Legend "Finally"

Though I figured out a few years back that the awards will always be given to the worst and/or oldest nominees in each category, I watched this year, not only for that *surprise* Janet performance (I'm still waiting...), but because I figured they might not completely suck for their 50th anniversary, considering all the special events planned, but I was sadly mistaken. The best of the night were Beyonce and Tina's mediocre duet, Kanye's surprisingly cool "Stronger" offering, and Fergie's not-too-great singing with John Legend's excellent piano playing. Here are the night's other performances...

Beyonce's (odd) Intro / Tina Turner (Pt. 1)

Kanye West "Hey Mama" (Pt. 2)

Alicia Keys & Frank Sinatra

Alicia Keys & (randomly) John Mayer "No One"

Rihanna (lookin' like a boy in a potato sack) "Umbrella/Don't Stop The Music"

Carrie Underwood('s enjoyable performance of) "Before He Cheats"

Before the show, the stars arrived and many displayed new looks. Keyshia Cole debuted her new black hair, which I liked. Fantasia's new hair, on the other hand ... too unique for words. Love her, but ... ya. Beyonce looked, imo, great. I loved everything about it. She changed it up, which is cool. I must say, though, that I do also like her with that black hair. In related news, Whitney Houston showed up at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party looking awesome. Can't wait for her comeback!

To be quite honest, short of Jennifer Hudson's "Love You I Do" winning Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media, nothing won that is even worth mentioning. One notable award, though, was Best Score Soundtrack Album, received by Ratatouille, the Disney/Pixar movie that could, which also picked up 9 Annies, including Best Animated Feature, and the BAFTA (British Oscar) in the same category. (I guess it was only a good night for movie music then!) As the latter show is typically a good indicator of the Oscar results, good luck to Ratatouille at winning that one, too!

Kelly Rowland Performs National Anthem At Pro Bowl

Kelly Rowland, former Destiny's Child member, sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" in Hawaii this past weekend at the Pro Bowl. She did an amazing job. As big of a fan of hers as I am, honestly, I didn't know she had it in her. For anyone saying Jordin was better, though I am a HUGE fan of her as well, I have to disagree solely because I don't think you can really compare the 2. Jordin has a sweeter, pop-ier, more mainstream voice, while Kelly have a more mature-sounding, soulful voice, so I think they both did well in their own right. Kelly even had to do it acapella! I like both equally, so Kelly's is worth a watch.

"Tennessee" Movie Poster

"Tennessee" is a new independent film starring Mariah Carey. The site for the company behind this movie revealed [see: Sales] the picture as well as a release date of Spring '08. It's not huge or high quality, but it gives hope to those of us interested in finally seeing this movie that Mariah first spoke of so long ago.


Trina "Single Again" Video Premiere

"Single Again" is the 1st single off Trina's upcoming 4th album Still Da Baddest, supposedly in stores on April 1st. The album title, btw, is a reference to her debut (and best-selling so far) album Da Baddest B****. As far as the song goes, I'm not a huge fan, but I can see why people would like it. The video, on the other hand, is pretty good and actually looks like it was given somewhat of a budget, which isn't always the case.

Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party Performance Highlights

Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love"

Fantasia "I'm Here"

Clive Davis' Annual Pre-Grammy Party had several highlights this year, including performances from Leona Lewis, Fantasia, and Alicia Keys. You can check out Leona singing "Bleeding Love" for the first time in America as well as Fantasia belting out "I'm Here" from her recent run on "The Color Purple" above, while Leona's rendition of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" and Alicia Keys' performances of "Superwoman," "Like You'll Never See Me Again," and "No One," among others, can be viewed HERE. Leona sounds great, as does Fantasia, though 'Tasia did take it to town a bit!

The Caffeine Patch: WALL-E International Trailer

This is the full-length international trailer for Disney/Pixar's "WALL-E," opening June 27th. Just had to share. Too cute.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Kelly Rowland "Comeback" Video Sneak Peek/Album Promo

Check out a sneak peek of Kelly Rowland's "Comeback" music video above in the form of a promo for her Ms. Kelly album, which is to be re-released this spring. This looks incredible. I do hope Kelly adds a DVD of music videos to the repackaging of the album because it would completely be worth the investment then, especially for those of us who own the first edition. Is it just me, or is there a hint of some of the "Umbrella" video in this? Like a blinged-out version.

Janet Jackson "Discipline" Listening Session

Check out Janet Jackson at a recent listening session for her upcoming album Discipline, due February 26th, above. In the clip, she is interviewed about the album. It's always good to hear more about the project, especially from the woman herself. Below, you can watch an official promo trailer for the new album, which, I believe, was shown at the session:

Janet Jackson "Parade" Magazine Cover

Janet Jackson is currently being featured on the cover of Parade magazine. She did a photo shoot and gave an interview for the article. While I can respect, and agree with, those who say that it's a good look for Ms. Jackson not to be so nasty these days, I'm not the biggest fan of this shoot. Still, she is doing her thing this time around and I hope she finds success once again. See more photos at Janet Planet and read parts of the interview HERE.

Janet To Release "LUV" And "Rock With U" As Singles

The single covers, as revealed by her official myspace, for Janet Jackson's 2 new singles "LUV" and "Rock With U" are featured above. That's right--2. Janet will be releasing "LUV" to urban radio stations, while "Rock With U" will be sent to pop stations. This sounds great to me, as long as we get 2 videos! I would feel like the singles are being released backwards, each going to the wrong genre, but I bet that changing it up on mainstream for the 2nd single will be good for Janet. I am, of course, excited about Janet's new album Discipline to drop on February 26th (in 18 days!), but before we get to the new singles, I REALLY want to see her perform "Feedback" live ... somewhere! I bet she will though.

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Billboard Update

Again this week (3rd time in 4 weeks)...

^This week's #1 album on the Billboard 200 chart
This week's #1 single on the Hot 100 chart^

See full charts HERE.

Again, I'm sick of "Low." On a positive note, Keyshia Cole ("I Remember," #26), Jordin Sparks ("No Air (w/ Chris Brown)," #42), and Mario ("Crying Out For Me," #46) have all reached new peaks this week on the Hot 100! Did anyone else notice Yael Naim's #9 debut with "New Soul"? Dang, do those Apple commercials do A LOT for unknown artists! On the album side, better than last week, but some new CDs need to come out. Like now. (Janet, that means you!) People are stupid, delaying album releases so much. They are doing so much that nothing comes out! Interscope, Nicole Scherzinger would have NO competition right now, if only you had (finally) released her album...

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Mary J. Blige To Tour With Jay-Z

In what will surely be a hot ticket, MJB has teamed up with rapper Jay-Z for their "Heart of the City" tour, which kicks off March 22nd in Miami. The dates announced so far can be seen HERE. For many who love urban music, this will be a must-see tour. I, on the other hand, am quite selective with the rap I listen to, so I don't think I could sit through Jay-Z's set just to see Mary, nor would I pay the money to see them both, just to ditch before Jay-Z comes on stage. No disrespect to him or his fans, though.


Fergie's Motorola Commercial

Fergie has shot a commercial for phone company Motorola to be aired internationally. It's a cool and creative ad. She's gettin' that money!

*UPDATED* Christina Aguilera's First Post-Pregnancy Interview, Appearance

Christina Aguilera, who just gave birth on January 12th, talked to Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM to promote her DVD release "Back To Basics: Live And Down Under," available now exclusively at Best Buy, as well as her in-store signing for the DVD in West Hollywood on Tuesday. She briefly talked about life with Max, as well as what she is coming up with for her next album. Check out the interview HERE. Christina also made her first appearance since giving birth at that Best Buy in-store, pictured at the left. You can see more from it HERE. She looks great! It sounds like life is treating her well.

UPDATE: Check out Christina's first post-pregnancy TV interview below with Entertainment Tonight's Jann Carl HERE. It's great to see her talk and see how good she looks!

*UPDATED* Mariah's New Single Premieres Feb. 12th(!) + Title Revealed

California radio station KHOP @ 95.1 recently announced the exclusive premiere of Mariah Carey's new single (title currently unknown) on their station. While initially advertised to occur tomorrow (January 29th), they announced on the air moments ago that the premiere had been delayed a week to Tuesday, February 5th. This is to be the first single from Mariah's new album That Chick, which will be released April 1st. I think it is complete insanity that we have yet to hear any new music from Mariah. They are delaying the release of any kind of this single like they are afraid the timing will be wrong and the world will not care. Newsflash--we care! We want it now and we've waited long enough. She will still sell a ton of records, but the only way that won't happen is if no one knows she has material coming out because there is no single on the radio. I don't know about you, but I am ready for new Mariah. She's gonna bring it...I can feel it.

UPDATE: Bad news--The radio release of Mariah's new single has been delayed yet another week to February 12th. Good news--The title of the song has been confirmed! Mariah's new single is called "Touch My Body." All of this from Mariah Daily Journal. Now, if only we could hear it...

UPDATE #2: Deja vu, anyone? Bad news--The radio release of Mariah's new single has been delayed yet ANOTHER week to February 19th. Good news--It has recently been reported that Mariah's new single, whenever it's released, will sound like "classic midtempo Mariah with a BIG hook." Once again, all of this from Mariah Daily Journal. Is anyone else getting completely sick of this? I just wonder if there's truth to the rumor that these pushbacks keep occuring so that Mariah's new music won't overshadow Janet's new album that's due out by the end of the month. I think they'd be fine to release Mariah's single, especially if they want to keep that 4/1 release date, but if they wait until, say, Janet's release date, then they may have a problem...

UPDATE #3: The final news? I believe we have it! According to All Access' countdown clock, it appears as if Mariah's new single (the first off her upcoming album That Chick, due April 1st..?) "Touch My Body" WILL premiere February 12th, while it will impact on the 19th. I guess they read on the blogs about people being upset about all the pushbacks, so YAY! I'm excited. In other words, just good news this time!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fergie's MAC Viva Glam Ad

Fergie lookin' hot as the new face of MAC's Viva Glam cosmetics line! All proceeds from the line go to the MAC AIDS Fund, which is quite cool.

Day26's Self-Titled Debut Album Cover

The guys from Making The Band 4 not only have a name now, but also an album cover. I haven't watched the show, but I think they are talented, so I am terribly curious to see/hear more from them. The shot is nice, almost looking as if taken in front of some ancient Roman architecture, except not. Look out for it's release on March 11th.


*UPDATED* Grammy News + Janet To Perform?

It is confirmed that Janet Jackson has been added as a performer to take the stage at next month's 50th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony. The show is set to air February 10th and already features Beyonce as a performer, as I previously reported. This will hopefully be her first performance of the hot new single "Feedback" from her forthcoming album Discipline, out later that same month on the 26th. News that Janet is performing is enough to make me giddy, especially when the fact that it will be on music's biggest night is factored in. This year's show is looking to be a great one!

In related news, the Writers Guild of America, currently on strike, has agreed not to picket the event, leaving stars free to attend without having to cross picket lines. Also, I updated my previous post about Beyonce performing at the Grammys to add a very exciting detail! Check it out.

UPDATE: More confirmed performers now include Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, and Carrie Underwood. Blige will, along with Aretha Franklin, among others, perform in a gospel segment, while Rihanna will perform alongside some band, I believe, named the Time that is reuniting for the event. Information via Billboard. I will continue to update this post for any possible further Grammy news!

UPDATE #2: In addition to the fact that Janet performing at the Grammys could turn out to be only a rumor, as there has been no official announcement by them as of yet, Alicia Keys was, in fact, recently confirmed (via Billboard) as a performer at the show. Hey, that's cool!

UPDATE #3: In their recent article featuring news of the Grammy night's unique duets, Billboard announced that Fergie has been added to the performer line-up. She will be performing with John Legend. Awesome. Also, Michael Jackson will reportedly be making an appearance! Still holdin' out for Janet!

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Nicole Scherzinger Does Giant Magazine

"The lead pussycat" Nicole Scherzinger recently did a photo shoot and interview for Giant magazine. I decided to post these because they are especially beautiful! Nicole really pulled this one off. I knew she had it in her! One thing that might become obvious is that, despite the delays for her debut solo album Her Name Is Nicole and the poor reception of her singles thus far, I am quite the Nicole fan and supporter. I can't wait for the release (even though I know I have to...) and I LOVE her songs "Puakenikeni" and "Supervillain." Nicole confirmed something I suspected about her in the interview while discussing going solo:

“It’s just one continuous journey. I started out just making music that showed the other sides of me. I am still exploring that. I don’t think I have found any definite number of songs that says, ‘This is it; this says who I am as a solo artist coming out.’ I haven’t found that yet. I am continuously being challenged and inspired. It’s safe because it’s not out yet, but it’s also scary because you really want to challenge yourself as an artist, to take risks. You want to do things that you’re not used to doing. I got to work with a lot of people that I wouldn’t have expected to work with. I was in the studio the other night, and I was like, ‘I didn’t even know I could do this. This is great!’”

Nicole definitely goes to a different place with some of her records, especially for her (compared to PCD), so it's cool to see her acknowledge that she attempts to be different and is still trying to find her sound. I hope she can really come up with something great by the time her album finally gets released. If it does... *crosses fingers* You can check out the rest of the interview HERE and the rest of the photos below!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Music Tuesday: Christina Aguilera "Back To Basics: Live And Down Under" DVD

Christina Aguilera's latest tour for her most recent album Back To Basics comes to DVD in the form of this "Back To Basics: Live And Down Under" 2-disc set, sold exclusively at Best Buy. It looks fantastic, so you know I gotta get mine! You should too, so HERE's all you need to know. Only $14.99! Check out a sneak peek in the form of Christina's live performance of "Dirrty," featured above.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Caffeine Patch: Horton Hears A Who! THX Promo

Missy Elliott "Ching-A-Ling/Shake Your Pom Pom" Video Premiere IN 3D!

"Ching-A-Ling" and "Shake Your Pom Pom" are Missy Elliott's 2 new tracks taken from the "Step Up 2: The Streets" soundtrack, which hits stores tomorrow. This video marks the first ever 3D music video. Missy's doin' it big like she always does. I think she brought it and the 3D definitely impresses me. I also like both of the songs and can't wait for her new album to drop later this year. It is untitled as of yet, but if you wanna let Missy know what you think the title of her 7th album should be, go HERE. Also, click to watch Missy in the Diet Pepsi Max Super Bowl commercial.


I do like the colors better on this one...

*UPDATED* Mary J. Blige And Ne-Yo Perform At Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Bash

Mary J. Blige And Ne-Yo can be seen here performing the remix of "Do You," the original version of which is from Ne-Yo's sophomore effort Because Of You, out since last year, at the Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Bash, which recently aired on VH1. Though I liked his debut album, I lost interest with Ne-Yo with his dull 2nd album. Still, with MJB on the track, this remix of his former single is a hot track. They did well together.

UPDATE: Mary also performed "Fade Away," "Hurt Again" (her 2nd single), "Roses" (all from her current album Growing Pains) and the remix to "Wake Up Call" with Maroon 5, the original version of which is featured on their latest album It Won't Be Soon Before Long. I particularly like the song "Fade Away," so this is a treat. Simply click to view!

The Caffeine Patch: WALL-E Super Bowl Ad Featuring Woody And Buzz!

During Super Bowl XLII, in between all that football mess, there were a select few decent moments. Or at least one, which came in the form of a new TV spot for Disney/Pixar's upcoming film "WALL-E," which hits theaters June 27, 2008. This will be their 9th movie together. I quite enjoyed this spot, especially since it featured, to my surprise, "Toy Story" characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear! I can't wait to see it. Btw, in case the video gets deleted (because they were going after them last night, anyway) or if you do happen to like it well enough, you can watch and download this ad in multiple forms HERE.

Eve Re-Works "Here I Am" With Swizz Beatz

Despite releasing single "Tambourine" last year, rapper Eve has yet to release her latest album, Here I Am (cover art to the left). While there is no official release date yet, it has been announced that Eve will be re-working the album with producer Swizz Beatz. He will be doing most, if not all, of the project now. Swizz was quoted as saying:

"It ain't over until it's out," he said. "Everybody wants the best for her. We just regrouping and starting back."

That's encouraging. He also tells MTV how hard it is to follow up a lead single like hers, and that when other producers get involved, "it messes up the formula." I suppose I get what he is saying, but dang! I also think that they should have released the album when "Tambourine" was hitting it's peak because the single probably would have shot up the charts with the extra promotion and all. But whatever because it doesn't matter now. I am anxious to hear Eve's return, though.

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"Mama I Want To Sing" Movie Poster

The official poster for Ciara's new movie "Mama I Want To Sing" is now online. It is an adaptation of the off-Broadway play of the same name. Apparently, though, it won't hit theaters until October 10th of this year. I am excited to see it, though, even though I'm not too sure about Ciara's acting talent (I'll give her the benefit of the doubt), because there will (obviously) be singing! I don't really know the songs from the musical or anything, but I am a fan of Ciara, and especially of her latest album, Ciara: The Evolution. I look forward to more new music from her.

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Toni Braxton's Interview On The View

Toni Braxton recently visited The View to promote her partnership with Campbell's to fight heart disease. In the clip, she talks about her health problems, as well as her son's autism. On the music front, she announced plans to release her next album in June! You can also see a bit from her Vegas show, "Toni Braxton: Revealed," in the background toward the end of the clip. I watched this and really felt for her, and I felt that the cause was important (not to mention that I was excited to hear more news about her new music!), so here's the site she mentions that, if you simply visit and click where it says to, they will donate $1 towards their efforts against heart disease: So nice to see her again and doing well, as I haven't been able to see her show, though I would LOVE to. Toni is one of my faves, so I am definitely looking forward to the new album.

Katharine McPhee Gets Married

American Idol season 5 runner-up Katharine McPhee got married over the weekend in Beverly Hills to her longtime producer boyfriend Nick Cokas. Despite Nick being almost 2 decades her senior, Katharine described him as the "love of [her] life." In attendance Saturday, among other close friends, were Katharine's fellow season 5 finalists Kellie Pickler and Mandisa. I wish the pair of them all the best, and I hope this happiness is accompanied by the joy of a new record label for her in the near future!

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

*UPDATED* Jordin Sparks Performs National Anthem At Super Bowl XLII

And, wow, did she ever! Jordin Sparks sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" amazingly at this year's big game and, imo, took her place amongst the greats [see below]. I find her voice so refreshing and she was always able to hit those big, high notes on American Idol. I just reeeally hope this boosts her record sales.

Whitney ('91) // Mariah ('02) // Beyonce ('04)

UPDATE: Jordin's rendition is now available to purchase HERE. If you loved her interpretation as much as I did, you can show your support by purchasing the mp3. I've posted the cover art of the digital single to the left.

Alicia Keys Performs Medley On Super Bowl Pre-Show

Alicia Keys performed a medley of 5 songs: "Go Ahead," from her current chart-topping album As I Am, previous hits "Fallin'" and "If I Ain't Got You," and "Teenage Love Affair" and "No One," both also from As I Am. She rocked it! Who knows whether people are lip-synching bits and pieces of whatever at the Super Bowl, big stadium and all, but she sounded great. Just showing us all why she is selling so many dang records.

Paula Abdul Performs "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" On Super Bowl Pre-Show

Whether this is going to be the official music video or not (because it was rumored that her Super Bowl comeback was the video for "DLTNT," then just a performance), I quite enjoyed Paula Abdul's return to the music scene in this way! I've never been a fan, as she was, I guess, a little before my time honestly, but I liked this song when it leaked, so she caught my attention. Doin' it big!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Weekend Flashback Performance Video: Mariah Carey At The 2005 MTV VMAs

At the MTV Video Music Awards in 2005, at the peak of her success with The Emancipation Of Mimi, Mariah Carey performed a medley of her mega-successful hits "Shake It Off" and the remix of "We Belong Together," which features rappers Jadakiss and Styles P. Jermaine Dupri, one of the main producers of the album, was there for support. Mariah looked stunning as she performed on a special set just for her. This is one of my favorite Mariah performances of recent memory. I also love that during her TEOM period, she was able to have some more of her signature DJ Clue remixes. I can't wait for her new album That Chick to drop either April 1st or whenever after that they (probably) end up pushing it back to.

Cassie "Is It You" Video Premiere

"Is It You" is Cassie's single from the soundtrack to her new movie "Step Up 2: The Streets." She is one of the stars of the film (that I am not too excited about) and contributes to the soundtrack with this decent track. While the video is quite boring, it gives what I think is an encouraging hint at what is to come from her as-yet-untitled sophomore effort, supposedly due May 20th. Though she is no Beyonce, I find her simple vocals and, in turn, tracks nice. I do wonder if they are trying to make a video for every song on the soundtrack, with this, Missy's upcoming 2-songs-in-1 3D venture, and Trey Songz's unnecessary remix video, but that doesn't mean if we see 800 videos with clips of the film that we are going to go see it. Still, I've compiled all you need to know about the soundtrack HERE.

Trey Songz ft. Plies "Can't Help But Wait (Remix)" Video Premiere

The remix of Trey Songz's "Can't Help But Wait," featuring rapper Plies, comes from the soundtrack to the movie "Step Up 2: The Streets." I actually do like the song, the original release of which brought Trey Songz to my attention, though the video isn't too impressive. And honestly, no matter how much they push the music from it onto us, I doubt the movie will be very good and I don't plan on seeing it. Still, I've compiled all you need to know about the soundtrack HERE. Note: Sorry about the audio/video not quite matching up. All 5000 videos on dailymotion of this were like that.

New Performances: Kelly Rowland And Mary J. Blige

Kelly Rowland performing "Work (Freemasons Remix)" on BBC's "Sound." It's cool to finally see Kelly perform her huge UK hit, especially since it is the remix version.

Mary J. Blige performing "Feel Like A Woman" on "Later With Jools Holland." I'm really glad she decided to perform a song somewhere that is not a single because her album Growing Pains is full of great songs, this one included. She does some nice ad-libs on the end, too.


Mariah Carey And JD In The Studio

Jermaine Dupri has posted this video on YouTube featuring himself in the studio with Mariah Carey. It just shows some behind-the-scenes of them while making Mariah's new album. Mariah can be seen and heard in it, as, approximately 2:41 into the clip, what many speculate to be Mariah's new song "Thanks For Nothing" can be heard in the background. Nice to actually see Mariah after a while.


Rihanna's Got Milk? Ad

Rihanna has become the most recent face of the Got Milk? ad campaign. To be honest, I've seen better, more creative ads for this campaign, but she always looks on-point, even with a milk mustache. I am also feeling her latest single that is rising on the charts, "Don't Stop The Music."


Friday, February 1, 2008

50th Post! Janet Jackson Update: New Songs + "Discipline" Tracklisting

For my 50th post in under a month (my 1st btw), I bring you a HUGE update on the hottest woman of the moment in music, Janet! Today, on her official site, 2 brand new songs from her upcoming album Discipline, due February 26th, were posted for our listening pleasure in full length! They are called "Rock With U" and "LUV." They are both different than the first single "Feedback" in their own ways, which is a good thing. "Rock With U" is a jam with the freshness only Janet can create, while "LUV" is a bit faster and quite infectious. I quite enjoyed them at first listen, but there is something about Janet that makes her music better with each additional listen. I am sooo looking forward to Discipline! The other update is that the official tracklisting for Discipline has been revealed. Her signature interludes are there, but maybe too much so. Judge for yourself (also included are names of those who worked behind-the-scenes on the project):

1. I.D. (Interlude)
2. Feedback [by R. Jerkins]
3. LUV [by R. Jerkins]
4. Spinnin (Interlude)
5. Rollercoaster [by R. Jerkins]
6. Bathroom Break (Interlude)
7. Rock With U [by J. Dupri/Ne-Yo]
8. 2nite [by Stargate]
9. Can't B Good [by Ne-Yo]
10. 4 Words (Interlude)
11. Never Letchu Go [by J. Austin/J. Dupri]
12. Truth Or Dare (Interlude)
13. Greatest X [by The Dream/T. Stewart]
14. Good Morning Janet (Interlude)
15. So Much Betta
16. Play Selection (Interlude)
17. The 1 feat. Missy Elliott
18. What's Ur Name [by J. Dupri]
19. The Meaning (Interlude)
20. Discipline [by Ne-Yo]
21. Back (Interlude)
22. Curtains

Very happy/excited about the Missy collaboration, as well as Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins getting more than just "Feedback" on the project, including "LUV." Jermaine Dupri pulled something out of character off with "Rock With U," so that also excites me about his contributions to the album. Although I'm a bit uninterested in the unoriginal producer Stargate, I know that, if anyone can make good music with him, it's Janet. It's also cool to see her work with the talented Johnta Austin (see: "The One That Got Away"), Grammy award-winning co-writer of Mariah's "We Belong Together" and Mary J. Blige's "Be Without You." Something else worth referencing is the Japanese release, which has 2 bonus tracks: "Let Me Know" [by Ne-Yo] and "Feedback (Ralphi Rosario Electro Shock Radio Edit)." Hopefully these will make it to the net so everyone else can hear them. Discipline drops February 26th!