Monday, August 31, 2009

Whitney Houston "Ebony" Magazine Cover + More

Whitney Houston "thank[s] God for never letting [her] go" in the latest issue of Ebony magazine. Now THAT sounds like a good read! In related news, check out a new interview with Whitney below & don't forget that her new album I Look To You is in stores now!


Alicia Keys Collaborates With Jay-Z

Alicia Keys doesn't do a huge amount of features, but for Jay-Z's forthcoming The Blueprint 3 (September 11th), she made an exception. The track she is featured on is called "Empire State Of Mind" & you can listen to it HERE. She kinda killed it, huh? While I've always admired her voice, I've never been just a huge fan of Alicia's music, but she's sure doing her thing on this one.

Gwen Stefani Does Glamour Magazine

Gwen Stefani mixes modeling with ... the grocery store (?) in the October issue of Glamour. Tell me why I love this shoot so much. You can't tell me anybody could make a shopping cart look fiercer!

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Beyonce Performs In Ukraine

Freakum Dress

Smash Into You

Get Me Bodied

Broken-Hearted Girl

Crazy In Love

Beyonce helped open Donbass Arena in Ukraine & a few of the performances from her set were broadcast on TV. We haven't seen her perform any of these this tour in HQ before except "Crazy In Love." I'm sad we didn't get to see any Sasha Fierce songs (though I have a feeling that was done on purpose), but the ballads were gorgeous! I also love me some B'Day, so I'm glad she is still doing some of those bangers, particularly "Freakum Dress," which *may* be my favorite song on that album (after all, she does shout out the blog at the beginning of it! lol). I can't wait to get my hands on her DVD of this! Until then, I Am... Sasha Fierce is out now.

New Music Monday: Whitney Houston "I Look To You"

^Click To Purchase^
I apologize for the lateness of this post, but it is here! Whitney Houston's comeback album I Look To You has arrived! I'm not sure there's a whole lot I can say one way or the other to convince people to buy this or not, but I'll be posting my review of I Look To You as soon as I get a few spare moments. Thanks for your patience. :)

Carrie Underwood "Play On" Cover

Carrie Underwood has decided to title her third album Play On & has also unveiled its cover. Very nice! I like it. For the November 3rd project, I'm hoping the track Carrie did with Max Martin makes the final cut because, while the producer she worked with on Carnival Ride that (otherwise) produced this whole album as well is great with her, I'm not a country fan, so it'd be cool to hear what she cooked up with someone else.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jessica Mauboy "Up/Down" Video Premiere

"Up/Down" is the fifth single taken from Jessica Mauboy's recently re-released album Been Waiting. I like both the video & song, & she is sure lookin' nice in this clip! Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure this might work as a crossover single into the US market. Either way, five singles? Is she, like, huge in Australia?!

Kelly Clarkson Performs "God Bless America" On Baseball

Kelly Clarkson recently sang "God Bless America" at a special charity Boston Red Sox baseball game. Incredible as usual! Kelly's awesome All I Ever Wanted album is available now.

Mya "Dancing With The Stars" Promo Pics

Here are Mya's promotional photos for the new season of Dancing With The Stars in which she is a contestant. Dang, she looks good! Watch Mya kick butt starting September 21st & look for her mixtape Beauty & The Streets: Vol. 1 on September 29th.

Imogen Heap Performs "First Train Home" On Letterman

Imogen Heap made her long-awaited appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman last night, where she performed the first single "First Train Home" off her new album Ellipse. Immi is such an amazing sight to see during performances! Needless to say, she did a wonderful job.

Jazmine Sullivan Collaborates With Wale

Jazmine Sullivan has teamed up with Wale in her most recent effort to gain more recognition. Their song is called "World Tour," can be heard HERE, & will be featured on Wale's forthcoming debut album Attention: Deficit (October 20th). Wale is simply not for me, but Jazmine sounds excellent during her parts!


Solange "Get Schooled" PSA

Solange lets the youth know how important getting an education is in this new public service announcement for Get Schooled. I concur! Three days ago was the one-year anniversary of the release of Solange's latest album SoL-AngeL & The Hadley St. Dreams.

New Teairra Mari Promo Pics

Teairra Mari shines in this new set of promotional photos for her sophomore album At That Point (October 20th). While I really do hope we get the album that day & I'm pretty sure they are prepping for the release of a third single, the lack of buzz does scare me quite a bit. It annoys me to no end that talented artists like this get slept on so badly & that if an album from an artist like Teairra finally does get released, the label basically abandons it the day release week ends.


New Ciara "Gap" Ad

Ciara helps Gap celebrate their 40th anniversary in this new ad & thank goodness her hair is back! Now, whether we'll get to see it or not in the coming months, I don't know. I haven't a clue why Jive hasn't released a new single from Fantasy Ride in the US yet, but I'm not holding my breath for them to. I actually think, because the record is hot enough & I don't wanna wait another two or three years for CiCi to return again, that a re-release led by a song that isn't a year old would be perfect!


LeToya On Tom Joyner


"Not Anymore"


LeToya performed a couple singles off her new album Lady Love & sat down for an interview on The Tom Joyner Morning Show. Definitely a good watch.

Imogen Heap Performs On WNYC FM

Half Life

First Train Home

I know these are just audio, but I wasn't about to let them pass by without a post. Imogen Heap sang a pair of songs from her new album Ellipse on WNYC FM recently & she sounded indescribably beautiful. My suggestion to you is to find a quiet place, close your eyes if you can, & listen. You won't regret it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mary J. Blige ft. Drake "The One" Video Premiere

"The One," featuring Drake, is the first single off Mary J. Blige's upcoming album Stronger (November 24th). I've loved this song for a bit now & I'm feeling the same about its video. MJB is doin' it big right now! This is her third video out at the moment, as she has released one for the album's title track as well as one for the theme of her new movie "I Can Do Bad All By Myself," which opens in two weeks.

Mario "D.N.A." Cover

The cover of Mario's fourth album D.N.A. (October 13th) has been revealed. I can dig it. I'm just so stoked about this new album! Mario is one of those few talents still out there that makes great music, so I know D.N.A. is gonna be awesome.

Christina Aguilera To Be Featured In New Special

Check out this preview of "Christina Aguilera: An E! Entertainment Special" in which Christina tearfully expresses her love for her husband. It's really great to know that she has found herself a stable home environment. Hopefully, when the special airs on September 2nd, we will get some info on her upcoming album. Speaking of which, it's kinda weird that she would have a special with a new interview at such a down time for her, but maybe it's a good sign..?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mariah Carey "I Want To Know What Love Is" Song Premiere

The first official single off Mariah Carey's upcoming album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel (September 29th) is titled "I Want To Know What Love Is." Mariah really does her thing on the Foreigner cover. What's not to love? I really hope people get this on the radio instead of everything that currently is because we all know Mariah is better. Trick, please.

LeToya Performs "Regret" On Good Day New York

LeToya gave her first televised performance of "Regret" following a short sit-down interview on Good Day New York. As is rumored to be the thought of the singer herself, "Regret" should've been the first single off LeToya's new album Lady Love. This performance would've been much better though if they had taken the mics away from those twins. Gives ya some insight into why they don't let anyone in PCD have a mic (that's turned on anyway...) other than Nicole, huh? I'm seriously considering buying Lady Love as soon as I find my way into some money. That's some good R&B right there, folks!

Backstreet Boys "This Is Us" Cover & Tracklisting

The cover for the Backstreet Boys' new album This Is Us (October 6th) has surfaced. Howie & Brian are checking out something interesting, though I'm not sure where on it Brian is looking, while Nick is checking out ... Brian & A.J. could care less. In other words, I love it! LOL Anyway, here's the album's tracklisting:

1. Straight Through My Heart
2. Bigger
3. Bye Bye Love
4. All Of Your Life (You Need Love)
5. If I Knew Then
6. This Is Us
7. PDA
8. Masquerade
9. She's A Dream
10. Shattered
11. Undone

Poor, poor BSB. Ten of these tracks are already online. Well, "This Is Us" is only LQ, but still. I was surprised at the short tracklisting at first, as more than eleven songs from them have leaked, but if there is anything I would've done to improve their last album Unbreakable, it's trim the fat, so maybe it's for the best.

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New Beyonce "L'Oreal" Ad + More

Beyonce looks fabulous in this new ad for L'Oreal. Her third solo album I Am... Sasha Fierce is out now, though I'm shocked we have yet to see a re-release of the actual album over here. However, since Above & Beyonce was released, there'd better be some newly recorded tracks or an anthology video album attached to it or else..! In related news, Beyonce has been confirmed as a performer at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. We also know that she is set to perform "Sweet Dreams." I'm all for that because she needs to promote the song some if she wants it to succeed, although I am more interested in watching her perform some of Sasha's other songs when her DVD(s) drop(s) (hopefully) towards the end of this year.


Billboard Update

^#1 Album #1 Single^

Reba McEntire has the top spot on this week's Billboard 200 album chart with Keep On Loving You. With the week's second-best-selling album Number Ones (68,000 copies), Michael Jackson surpasses Taylor Swift to earn the year's top-selling album thus far, having sold a total of 1,619,000 copies this year of the disc. The Black-Eyed Peas aren't letting go of the Hot 100 singles chart's peak position with "I Gotta Feeling," giving them a record-extending 21st week atop the chart. On the Hot 100 Airplay chart, Mariah Carey earns her 23rd top 10 hit, a record, with "Obsessed."

"Obsessed" Watch
TW: #11 - LW: #11 - Peak: #11 - Week: #7

See full charts HERE.

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Rihanna "Vogue Italy" Magazine Cover

The reported reason behind Rihanna's side-head shave has now been revealed. RiRi covers the latest issue of Italian Vogue in her usual stunning style. Hopefully the spread will turn up soon so we can see if the haircut was worthwhile & if it does, I'll tweet about it.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Backstreet Boys "Straight Through My Heart" Video Premiere

"Straight Through My Heart" is the first single taken from the Backstreet Boys' next album This Is Us (October 6th). Ok, so the video arrived a little early! I like it. I think the style of it fits the song well & it's more interesting than their videos from the last few years. I'm also really feeling the song now, so I hope BSB finds some success with this one!

Katharine McPhee "Unbroken" Cover

Katharine McPhee channels classic Hollywood glam on the cover of her sophomore album Unbroken, due October 6th. Dare I say that I think she looks good here?!


Jordin Sparks & Jonas Brothers Perform "Battlefield" On Stripped

Jordin Sparks was accompanied by the Jonas Brothers (I threw up a little in my mouth just then) during a performance of "Battlefield," the title track off her sophomore album, on their (I believe) session of Stripped. Oh, Jordin. What has Jive done to you? Honey child, this is not an improvement. Lest we forget: SHE's opening for THEM. ... Please, Ashton Kutcher, be at my front door because this had best be some sick (the not-good one) episode of Punk'd.

Britney Spears' 2009 MTV VMAs Commercial

As was the case last year, Britney Spears appears in a TV spot for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. As was also the case last year, host Russell Brand appears with her. Pretty sure this one's better than last year's though. The 2009 MTV VMAs air Sunday, September 13th, @ 9/8c & Britney's Circus album is out now.

Kelly Rowland Performs "When Love Takes Over" On Miss Universe 2009

Kelly Rowland joined David Guetta on stage at Miss Universe 2009 to perform their hit single "When Love Takes Over," which is taken from his new album One Love. My goodness, David's a goofball. So, Kelly, how 'bout lettin' us know about that new label of yours?!

Kris Allen Interview

Here is Kris Allen's iPhone commercial--I mean--new interview from his iTunes Pass. I love that this is being released now, but was recorded at the beginning of the tour. In important news, Kris' debut album is set to be released on November 17th.

Backstreet Boys "Straight Through My Heart": Behind-The-Scenes

Check out this sneak PEEK at the Backstreet Boys' new video for "Straight Through My Heart," the first single off their upcoming album This Is Us (October 6th). Ooo, look! Dancing! Be sure to stop by here tomorrow for the premiere.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Katharine McPhee In The Studio

Part 1

Part 2

Today has been quite a day for Katharine McPhee. In addition to her single release, she has posted these videos of herself recording her forthcoming second album Unbroken (October 6th) on MySpace. From the looks of it, one song that might make the final cut is titled "How," & while a list of several others is revealed in the second clip, I'm not going to strain my eyes to read all the names when we don't even know if any of them will make the album. Unbroken seems promising though, if for no other reason than because of Kat's creative input.

Adam Lambert: Behind-The-Scenes + More

I fail at life. This video is a month old & it only occurred to me now that Adam might have a clip out there like this similar to those for Kris Allen. It's a great remedy for Glambert withdrawal, though I do wish we could hear him singing around the 3-minute mark. Anyway, Adam has a message he would like to share with us. If you look up awesome in the dictionary, you will see his picture:

Katharine McPhee "Had It All": Behind-The-Scenes

Katharine McPhee recently shot a video for "Had It All," the first single from her upcoming sophomore album Unbroken (October 6th). Making-of footage can be seen above as well as an interview with Kat. The blonde look is growing on me, as I'm trying to be open-minded about it, but I wasn't really digging the way she looked when she was answering the questions. I also think I'm gonna have to let "Had It All" grow on me because I was having mixed feelings about it at first, though I already like it more than I did earlier today. It went on sale at iTunes today, so you can listen to it HERE to see if you like it & click below to purchase it:

Remembering Aaliyah

8 Years Later... R.I.P. Aaliyah

New Music Tuesday: Imogen Heap "Ellipse"

^Click To Purchase^
August 25th has finally arrived & that means a new Imogen Heap record! Her third solo album Ellipse, featuring the first single "First Train Home," is out today & I like it just a little.. LOL. If at all possible, make sure to get your hands on this stellar album!

Also out...
LeToya Lady Love BUY
Day26 Forever In Your Eyes (Digital Video Album) BUY

Monday, August 24, 2009

Michael Jackson's Death Ruled A Homicide + More

After waiting for what seems like forever for the coroner's report on Michael Jackson, it has been revealed that the coroner has ruled Michael's death a homicide. This makes it more likely that criminal charges will be filed against Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray. Although details have yet to be publicly released, the coroner found that a fatal combination of drugs, including the powerful anesthetic propofol, was given to Michael prior to his death. Sadly, this is what I have assumed for some time now & I'm sure I wasn't alone. When I heard that the LA police were investigating a manslaughter charge against Dr. Murray, not only was I not surprised, but based on what we know at this point, I agreed. It looks to be even more serious than that though.

Here are a few MJ-related tidbits that have emerged recently:
  • Michael will be buried on September 3rd, pushed back from original date--August 29th--his 51st birthday:
  • "This Is It" release moved up two days to Wednesday, October 28th, & will play for two weeks:
  • Judge approves memorabilia exhibition (which could be cool if it were done right & for the right reasons...):
  • Judge approves Jackson collectors' items, including a re-release of Michael's autobiography "Moonwalk" on 10/13: (Why are these things up to a judge anyway?)
  • Check out Michael on the cover of the September issue of Vanity Fair that I've been meaning to post below:

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Listen To Whitney Houston's "I Look To You"

Whitney Houston's official site is streaming her entire new album I Look To You (August 31st) right now! It's not too shabby, but I don't love it either. In any case, you can click HERE & decide for yourself.

Asher Roth ft. Keri Hilson "She Don't Wanna Man" Video Premiere

"She Don't Wanna Man," featuring Keri Hilson, is Asher Roth's third single taken from his debut album Asleep In The Bread Aisle. Keri is everywhere! As I said before, this song is wack, but Keri sounds (& looks) good.

New Whitney Houston Promo Pic

Whitney Houston looks the best she has so far this era in a new promotional photo being used to promote her upcoming album I Look To You (August 31st).


Leona Lewis Album Update

It has been announced that Leona Lewis will release her sophomore album, titled Echo, on November 17th. Leona decided to name her new album that because "an echo describes a big, organic sound." Mk. The article also mentions that Leona has been working with Ne-Yo & suggests that the recently leaked "Don't Let Me Down," which Leona did with Justin Timberlake, might be included on the disc. Rumors put the track as a possible lead single choice (which is less likely now that it has leaked), but I definitely have higher hopes for the album than that song, so hopefully that isn't the case. Then again, should we even expect something better than "Bleeding Love" or just lower our expectations? Things that make you go hmm.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Album Review: Imogen Heap "Ellipse"

Before all this recent talk of Imogen Heap being the first "download diva," I accidentally discovered her & decided to buy her second solo album Speak For Yourself. Being that I basically consider myself an R&B fan, I'm really not into any other electronic music (if you can even label Imogen as that), but it didn't take long for me to realize that her work has many elements that I love in music, no matter the genre: the heartfelt delivery of lyrics, creative background music, layered vocals. After recognizing the potential of Imogen's music from following her video blogs that chronicled the making of her new album Ellipse, I knew I hadn't heard anything yet & couldn't wait to treat myself to more. Low & behold, you should know this: Imogen Heap does not disappoint.

She kicks off the album with its first single "First Train Home," which I knew was the right choice after only hearing a short preview in one of Immi's vBlogs. The song is instantly contagious & nothing short of gorgeous, which can be said of the entire album. Imogen then leads us into the sweeping ballad "Wait It Out," a touching piece of art of epic proportions. Right off the bat, my favorite track on Ellipse was, without discounting a single other one, "Earth." The song features nothing but Imogen's voice in the fore- & backgrounds, as is the case with one of my other all-time favorites, Brandy's "A Capella (Something's Missing)." Next up is the tale of "Little Bird," which pulls you in, but doesn't have to let go, especially towards the end when Imogen's complex vocal arrangements take over.

It's no coincidence that I can't think of a better word to describe the next track than its title, "Swoon." Again, the song builds to a magnificent section that's sure to please. I know Imogen was unsure of which backing track, if you will, to use for "Tidal," but she definitely picked the right one. You can't help but love this song from the moment it begins. Placed just perfectly, as are all the tracks, is "Between Sheets," a beautiful, piano-driven slice of heaven. Then, the haunting "2-1" moves in to give a new level of depth to Ellipse.

Now, as perfect as the album may be up to this point, don't get the idea that Imogen is too serious. "Bad Body Double" is a fun song that has her nitpicking her body's imperfections, as we all do. I particularly enjoy the cheeky "Aha!," which features the lyrics "cost you to keep me quiet" right after she has caught someone sneaking something out of the "biscuit tin." Immi then slows it down with the instrumental "The Fire," an impromptu piano session set to the sound of a campfire. This leads us into "Canvas," a mysterious tune driven by Imogen's brilliant vocal stylings. Ellipse closes out with the stripped-down "Half Life" that'll leave you breathless.

I never try too hard to put an album's sound into words. I hate it when other (see: professional) reviewers do that because music is so much more than how you describe it. Imogen Heap's Ellipse especially applies to this theory because it has such a different feeling to it than what I'm used to. Ellipse is a deeper & just better piece of work than what comes along everyday. I hope that you will allow Imogen to take you on this journey in music because it's such a wonderful one & so very worthwhile.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

New Mariah Carey Fragrance Ad

An HQ image of Mariah Carey's ad for one of her new perfumes "Ultra Pink" has finally surfaced. The "Luscious Pink" snipoff (for lack of a better word) is only available at Walmart. I took a picture of the display at my local store & made it my cell phone background... Mariah's upcoming album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel drops September 29th.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vonzell Solomon Premieres New Music

Vonzell Solomon has unceremoniously premiered the full versions of two of the four songs she previewed fairly recently. One, "Bad Chick," is her new single & the other is "Gotta Boss." Listen to them HERE. I love them both & can't wait to hear the other two as well as her debut album! For those wondering when "Bad Chick" will be released, Vonzell replied to my tweet on the subject, saying it would be "ASAP," so hopefully that means soon!

Syesha Mercado "Dreamgirls" Promo Pics + More

The news has been going around of Syesha Mercado landing the lead role of Deena Jones in the national tour of "Dreamgirls." Here are some promotional photos of her in character along with her fellow Dreams. I'm so excited for her! I just wish I were (once again) within a zillion miles of anywhere they are stopping. *sigh* Anyway, on the tour's official site, you can watch Syesha perform "Listen" with all-new lyrics, as it has been reworked into a duet between Deena & Effie, hear her sing the song "Dreamgirls" alongside her castmates, & more. Check it out!

Mya "Beauty & The Streets: Vol. 1" Mixtape

Mya is getting ready to release a new mixtape, Beauty & The Streets: Vol. 1, on September 29th. The buzz-creating project, led by the Bun B-assisted "Show Me Somethin'" (see: below), will go hand-in-hand with Mya's upcoming stint on Dancing With The Stars as the singer's return to the US spotlight. Check out the tracklisting for Beauty & The Streets: Vol. 1:

1. Intro By Go DJ Hi-C
2. I'm Back (ft. Slim Thug)
3. About My B.I. (ft. Shawty Lo)
4. Show Me Somethin' (ft. Bun B)
5. Boss (ft. Z-Ro)
6. Ponytail (ft. Nicki Minaj)
7. $ Can't Buy My Love
8. Control Freak (ft. Gator Mane)
9. Club Go Crazy (ft. Chamillionaire)
10. Now Or Lata (ft. Blo-Pop)
11. Manaholic
12. Go Hard Or Go Home
13. Full Service (ft. Trae)
14. The Only One
15. Work It Out
16. Black Out

Can't say I'm all that excited about the sub-par material that'll be coming with this (though I am interested in her new album that will follow), but am I the only one that finds track eight intriguing? For those who don't know, "Control Freak" was also the name of Mya's fourth album before it changed to Liberation. Guess we'll see!

[Source, Source]

LeToya Performs "She Ain't Got..." On KTLA

LeToya kick starts her album release promotion for her sophomore effort Lady Love (August 25th) with this debut performance of "She Ain't Got..." on KTLA. I gotta give Toya props for singing live up against both a backing track & iffy-sounding background singers, & while throwing in some pretty cool dance moves throughout. I'm also feeling the need to show her a little more, well, 'lady love' because her new album is hot! It's a very nice R&B record (finally!)

Mya ft. Bun B "Show Me Somethin'" Video Premiere

"Show Me Somethin'," featuring Bun B, is the first single off Mya's upcoming mixtape Beauty & The Streets: Vol. 1 (September 29th). Two words: Ghetto fabulous! You know you were thinkin' it. I don't care for the song unfortunately, but Mya looked as fine as always. At the end of the video is a preview of Mya's new mixtape, which sounds ..interesting.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Karina Covers "Ave Maria"

Karina has released this cover of Beyonce's "Ave Maria." She sounds gorgeous. I hope some of these performance clips from her are creating enough buzz that her label can start taking the necessary steps to get her sophomore album out cause I need it in my life.. now.

New Britney Spears Fragrance Ad

So, the new Britney Spears perfume "Circus Fantasy" is real (I thought it was a joke when she mentioned it on Letterman...) & an ad for it featuring an old Circus outtake has been revealed. What is this, like, the 18th fragrance from her? SMH


JoJo Sues Record Label

After a string of MySpace blogs expressing her frustrations with her label & the stress they have been causing her, JoJo has decided to file a lawsuit against her record label. The singer "claims her record company shoved her into a musical 'limbo' because they won't let her out of her contract--& they won't let her record a new album either!" She is hoping a judge will force her label, Da Family Entertainment, to let her go & grant her a minimum of $500,000 compensation. Finally! JoJo has been waiting to release her third album All I Want Is Everything for a minute now & if her label was uninterested in releasing it, they should've just dropped her. I completely agree that she should also be given money for "damages," as they always call it, because she has done everything on her part to have a new album out right now, but her label is depriving her of those possible royalties. I sure as heck hope that JoJo gets what she deserves out of this.


Day26 "So Good" Video Premiere

"So Good" is the latest single taken from Day26's sophomore album Forever In A Day as well as their video album re-release Forever In Your Eyes (August 25th). The song is growing on me, I must say, but the video isn't for me AKA I'm male. I *can't wait* for the rest of the new videos...

New Mariah Carey Fragrance Ad

Mariah Carey's ad for her new perfume "Forever" has been unveiled. I like the name! Mariah looks great in the shot, but her eyes are kinda weirdin' me out. Ah well. I'm dying for MC's new album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel (September 29th)!


Mary J. Blige "Stronger" Video Premiere

"Stronger" is Mary J. Blige's single from the "More Than A Game" soundtrack & the title track off her upcoming album Stronger (November 24th). I like the song (even though I still can't get past the Chris Beatdown background vocals) & Mary looks good in the video. This gives MJB a great excuse to have both an uptempo song & a ballad out at the same time, & I can't wait for the video for "The One!"

Elliott Yamin Performs On LiveDaily Sessions

Fight For Love

Know Better

Wait For You

Elliott Yamin performed a set, including a pair of tracks from his sophomore album Fight For Love, for LiveDaily Sessions recently. I think that one of the worst mistakes the public has made this year so far is ignoring Fight For Love. It sure would be great if his label released a new single & gave it the proper promo because people need to recognize this great album!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Adam Lambert Photoshoot

I normally don't post random photoshoots, but Adam Lambert is forcing me to make an exception with these awesome pics! There's really no need to explain though: this shoot, rumored to be for his debut album, speaks for itself.