Monday, September 13, 2010

Kelly Rowland "Rose Colored Glasses" Behind-The-Scenes

Kelly Rowland takes us behind the video for "Rose Colored Glasses" in this newly released footage from the shoot. Here, it is confirmed that the video was in fact shot in 3D, so that should be really cool! It's too bad that it probably won't matter though, seeing as how it'll be stale & molding by the time her upcoming third album comes out--that is, if it has indeed been pushed to 2011 as many are quoting Kelly as having said. I have a sneaking suspicion that her idiotic label got scared (see: Kelis) & told Kelly to rush-record an entirely urban record for the US, while her dance record has been held off for a simultaneous release in the UK, but there's a much simpler option: Kelly just needs to record urban mixes of all the dance songs (see below) & put out a double-disc album (the discs can be available separately, Motown, don't worry...)! I sure as heck would prefer that to some half-baked album inferior to the superb Ms. Kelly.

Forever & A Day (Urban Mix)

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