Sunday, September 12, 2010

The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards Recap

Usher - Medley

Ciara & N.E.R.D. "Hot & Fun"

Mary J. Blige, Drake, & Swizz Beatz "Fancy"

Rihanna & Eminem "Love The Way You Lie"

I feel like a broken record saying that the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards paled in comparison to the years when, say, Britney was on top of her game, but, uh, it's the truth. I do have to give them props for the stage though cause that thing was insane--it stole the show imo! Usher arguably put it to best use during his performance of "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love" & "OMG". He & his dancers were working it! MTV pissed me off though when Ciara ended up just taking over for Nelly Furtado during N.E.R.D.'s performance, which was sponsored, aired during a commercial break, & cut short. GAAWWW!!!! Mary J. Blige looked & sounded on-point when she opened Drake's performance with Swizz Beatz singing what I believe to be the song that "Fancy" samples before they all got into it. And, back at the start of the show, Rihanna joined Eminem (following his own performance of "Not Afraid") for the first live performance of their #1 hit. As far as the actual 'award show' part was concerned, things were pretty lame. Beyonce shared in one of Lady Gaga's way-too-many wins for Best Collaboration for "Telephone" & Alicia Keys joined Jay-Z in picking up Best Cinematography for "Empire State Of Mind", but that's about it... HERE are all the winners.

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