Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Katharine McPhee "Say Goodbye" Video Premiere

"Say Goodbye" is the third single lifted from Katharine McPhee's sophomore album Unbroken & will be prominently featured in the upcoming film "I Am". Kinda lame video, as would be expected from a song-off-a-soundtrack video, but I'm perfectly willing to overlook that if Kat will just release an entire album of songs like this! I don't care if it's a little (too?) AC/Celine Dion-ish--it's what she's best at!

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Bob said...

I really like this beautiful song. It is a perfect match for her voice...and she co-wrote it! The video is obviously edited to promote the movie. I'd love to see a real music video of this song with just Katharine telling the story.