Monday, February 22, 2010

*UPDATED* Jennifer Lopez Splits With Epic

On the heels of the complete & utter flop of her latest single "Louboutins," Jennifer Lopez has parted ways with her record label Epic Records, putting the release of her new album Love? in jeopardy. The split was supposedly amicable (you betcha!) & J.Lo is said to be in talks for a new deal with Island Def Jam as we speak. I don't really buy the rumor that the release of "Louboutins" & "Fresh Out The Oven" completed her contract because it came from the same person who said that Love? is nowhere near done &, between the leaks, what's been announced, & the like, I count 14 songs from this era--plenty for an album... not that any of that really matters. It may not matter either, but I find it funny that "Fresh Out The Oven" is being labeled a flop when it hit the top of the dance charts without even being digitally released! Regardless, judging by what we've heard, I was questioning my own love for Jennifer's upcoming album anyway... not that it didn't have potential, nor would I not want it to come out. Either way, it's possible that we'll get a J.Lo greatest hits package from Epic in the fall + her song "What Is Love" is being used in "The Back-Up Plan," which opens April 23rd, so that's something!

UPDATE: In a new statement to set the record straight, Jennifer Lopez assures fans that her new album Love? will indeed come out this summer:

"I am making this statement to put an end to any confusion in regards to my next album titled Love. I have belonged to the Sony family since the beginning of my career as a singer & together we've had great success. I have fulfilled my contractual responsibilities with Sony/Epic up to this point & we have both reached friendly terms about my departure from the label. I'm also happy to say that we've found a new home for my album Love & that it is slated for release in the summer of 2010."

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Jackie said...

No! My life is over! I can't handle this! She was my favorite singer and this is the worst thing that could have ever happened. I can't believe this.. really.. I cant. Goodbye world :'(

vmars08 said...

@Jackie, if you're being serious, all is not lost! She's negotiating a deal with LA Reid! It'll be ok!

Jackie said...

Thank God! Thank you, that really scared me!