Saturday, October 15, 2011

The X Factor - Judges' Homes - Part 1 Recap

I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning of the judges' homes portion of The X Factor, so I thought I'd throw my little review up & see if anyone else here in the US is enjoying Simon's lil' show too!

Brian Bradley: He may be the most annoying 14-year-old to ever hit the TV screen, but his rapping skills are impressive!

Simone Battle: I never have & probably never will get this girl.

The Anser: They may not be terrible, but they had the unfortunate task of covering a song that's already been covered by a group, AHMIR, whose version they had no chance of topping.

Dexter Haygood: I cannot stand this talentless excuse for a rags-to-riches storyline.

Skyelor Anderson: They are really trying with him, but this African American country singer has no more than average talent.

Tora Woloshin: This chick is good & did a nice job with a questionable song choice.

Lakoda Rayne: I feel sorry for these four girls that were thrown together because they do seem to have the potential to be good (better than they actually were--without they audible padding they received during the airing), but good enough? And in time?

Stacy Francis: My favorite of the Over 30's. Sure she can be a little dramatic, but talent is talent!

The Brewer Boys: I didn't like these guys before, but their version of "Only Girl (In The World)" was much better than it should have been & I don't think they got enough credit for it.

Phillip Lomax: I am not an advocate of crooners on shows like this. The world already has Michael Buble & we don't need any more.

Elaine Gibbs: She may have been overshadowed by Stacey up to this point from an airtime standpoint, but she's very talented as well!

Caitlyn Koch: I like this girl more & more everytime I see her.

Nick Voss: Frightening.

4Shore: Now this is a group I can get behind! Very entertaining.

James Kenny: No. And you know Rihanna wouldn't do the show unless three acts sang her songs!

Drew Ryniewicz: She was incredible! And for a 14-year-old? Ridiculous! Color me extremely surprised.

So far, the only boy I like is Brian, while I liked all the girls except Simone. 4Shore is my favorite group, but The Brewer Boys showed me there's more than meets the eye with them & I think the women > the men in the Over 30's. I look forward to seeing the rest of the talent on Sunday (if the Rangers win tonight--fingers crossed)!

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