Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cocaine 80s "The Pursuit" EP

I'm kinda late with posting this, as I've been listening to it for a little while & only just thought to put it on the blog, but regardless, if you haven't joined the Cocaine 80s movement yet, get on it! With vocals provided by James Fauntleroy, this collaborative project is an ear-opening experience from beginning to end (sans track 2, which instead features a rap from Common, who doesn't do it for me) & is FREE! There will be more to come, but for now, click HERE to "pay with a tweet" to get your digital copy of The Pursuit EP--& be sure to snatch that bonus track too! (Note: I have yet to be enlightened with regards to the origin of the name, but just know that there is nothing illegal/drug-related about this whatsoever--it's just good music!)

1. Nameless
2. Summer Madness
3. To Tell You The Truth
4. Get You Some
5. Not No More
6. Nothing
7. Anywhere But Here

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