Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Angels & Airwaves "Anxiety" Video Premiere

"Anxiety" is the first taste of what's to come from the second part of Angels & Airwaves' Love album, which will finally be released physically in all of its deluxe glory alongside the movie of the same name on November 11th. Some of you may have already seen this, as I did, on the big screen at AVA's Love Fathom event, where they also screened the "Love" movie. As for that, I'm sorry, but I did not care for it. I was expecting better/something involving more of their music, but instead received something with no storyline that didn't need 90 minutes to prove its point & didn't even pay off in the end. That said however, I've seen movies with MUCH bigger budgets that didn't look as nice & crisp, & I did find the Q&A interesting. I LOVE the new song though & am still very excited for the new album!

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