Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jennifer Lopez "LOVE?" Tracklisting

Now that I've calmed down & am no longer holding Pia's elimination against Jennifer Lopez, let's get down to business, shall we? The long-awaited (or was that really just me..?) tracklisting for J.Lo's upcoming album LOVE? has finally been unveiled. Check it out:

1. On The Floor (ft. Pitbull)
2. Good Hit
3. I'm Into You (ft. Lil' Wayne)
4. (What Is) LOVE?
5. Run The World
6. Papi
7. Until It Beats No More
8. One Love
9. Invading My Mind
10. Villain
11. Starting Over
12. Hypnotico*

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
13. Everybody's Girl
14. Charge Me Up
15. Take Care
16. Ven A Bailar (ft. Pitbull)

The * is just to note that "Hypnotico" is being considered a bonus track on the standard edition... go figure. Anyway, I'm not gonna lie: I'm seeing a lot more familiar titles than I was expecting. Infact, the only title I don't believe I've seen somewhere before is "Charge Me Up". Not that that's a bad thing... the only one I really have any complaints about is "Starting Over" cause it's not exactly the greatest. It's interesting to me that even after all this time, she's including "Starting Over" & "Until It Beats No More" (formerly known as "Pieces"), the songs she performed on SNL a year ago, & "(What Is) LOVE?", which was on the soundtrack to last spring's "The Back-Up Plan", though that one was expected lol. (I wonder what will become of "What Is Love? (Part 2)"? Must inquire Wynter Gordon about that one via Twitter...) Also expected were the exclusions of "Louboutins" (of course) & "Fresh Out The Oven" :(. I'm curious to hear "Papi", "Hypnotico", "Charge Me Up", & the studio version of "Until It Beats No More"!


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