Wednesday, October 6, 2010

David Archuleta On Regis & Kelly

"Falling Stars"



David Archuleta hit up Live With Regis & Kelly this morning on the promo tour for his sophomore album The Other Side Of Down, performing two(!) songs & chillin' for a quick interview. Darn them for cutting off "Falling Stars"--I was enjoying that. As for the "Elevator" performance, I can't decide if my favorite part was David acting out the lyrics to make sure we understood ... ;) ... or Regis introducing him as an Idol winner--you BET he is! I also loved hearing my jam "Running" as they went to commercial following David's interview. :)


catherine said...

I groaned out load when the show ended and cut from Falling Stars! He was killing it! But really cool he got two songs on the show. K&R love him.

violet4ever said...

I'm very happy they let David do two songs but I wish the home viewers could have heard more of Falling Stars. BTW - did you catch David's smokin hot Elevator performance on Z100?