Sunday, June 27, 2010

*UPDATED* Ryan Leslie Splits With Universal Motown

Following a pair of commercially unsuccessful albums last year, Ryan Leslie has parted ways with his label Universal Motown. He plans on releasing his third album Les Is More independently. At a recent show in New York City, Ryan actually performed two new songs, "Glory" & "Maybachs & Diamonds", that are set for inclusion on Les Is More. For an artist like Ryan, I'd be all for the indie route if it weren't for the fact that I cannot figure out how indie artists get &/or can afford (physical) distribution, but if I can find Mya's recent mixtape at my local record store, then I'm sure it can be done!

UPDATE: Check out Ryan's recent 4-part collaboration with adidas Originals below. It is through endorsements like these that he intends to keep his name out there:

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