Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alicia Keys On GMA

"Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)"

"Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart"

"Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down"

Interview (Pt. 1)

Interview (Pt. 2)

Interview (Pt. 3)

Alicia Keys finally admitted her pregnancy to herself the world when her baby bump took center stage on Good Morning America. Alicia performed a selection of hits from her latest album The Element Of Freedom, chatted about her upcoming stork visit, & announced the head blogger for her website I Am A Super Woman.

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musa mbedzi said...

A woman's worth ( Zero hypocrisy, home-wrecking version)

A real man should know that the mistress come first.
And a real woman should know that whatever she does, a superwoman will take her man (Chorus: Yes! Superwhore will take your man).
And a real woman should stop believing this karma bullshit, and steal her best friend's husband. (chorus: Eish! You can cry a river, you sorry wife)
And a real man will know that it's time to replace that boring wife with those sagging breasts.
And a real woman doesnt give a dime that she is from the hardships of single mother households, and will strive to be an architect of more others herself.
And a real man knows that nice guys finish last.
And a real woman will know how to choose spark over smart.
And a real woman doesn't give a dime whether it lasts as long as she is having the time of her life.
And a real man, married or not, will know how to appreciate a bitch's worth.
And a real woman will know how to project a truelady's image, whilst acting bitch in the background.
And a real man will know how to appreciate Alicia's worth.

These lyrics are not meant to encourage deviant, immoral behaviour but actually calls you to practice exactly the opposite. Taken together with this commentary, the motive is to show you that 1. People are not what they seem to be. U probably know that but an average apparently underestimates this. Be on guard and trust only God No 2 When u say or sing morals and inspirations, u multiply yo culpability when u practce exactly the opposite. People wouldnt have given a dime if Paris Hilton had done exactly the same. No 3 These lyrics give a hint what a certain superwoman (or superwhore, depending on yo perspective) sings to that guy with the stupid name, during foreplay lol!!!!!!!!!!

alicia has now got herself in a fix. If a union is shrouded in evil and inappropriateness, asking God for blessing is futile, no blessings will be given. 2 The day Alicia or that Swiss playboy decide to treminate the relationship, the world will be on Alicia as in: I told you so 3 The more the delay in ending this union, the more it carries through the years, the more the damage there is (ask Whitney Houston)and the more there is career-limiting, unrecoverable damage 3 Alicia will suffer more than Swiss. Society is much more judgemental on women than men. Now Alicia is now the superw***** whereas Swiss is the the ultimate playboy with a savvy sense of provident *****es. After all is said and done, please let us remember the poor innocent kids caught up in the mess of cheap adults chasing materialism, joys of flesh and ‘spark’. May God bless them and forgive their parents. PS I fully support Alicia on her orphanage initiative. But it doesnt help when u join the homewrecking brigade that is the major cause of these very orphans! What an own goal!

now this alicia shit cant no longer sing A woman's worth or Karma without sounding hypocritical. She should start writings songs based on themes such as husband-stealing or blow-jobs. Collaborations with Snoopy Dogg cant be a bad idea

A Bitchy State of Mind (zero hypocrisy, home-wrecking version of the NewYork song)

New mistress, new mistress, newmistreeeeees!!!!!!

This pussy makes me brand new
This dick makes me brand new

(Thats how the NewYork song sounds to me comming from that home-wrecking superwoman, sorry, superwh**