Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jennifer Lopez "Love?" Update

Jennifer Lopez recently held a listening party for her upcoming album Love?--seemingly despite its newly pushed-back release month of April--where she played the majority of the album's tracks, which means several new details have emerged! The inclusion of the Wynter Gordon-penned "What Is Love" (see below) was confirmed, while a "What Is Love (Part 2)" exists, but may or may not make the final cut; Wynter also wrote an uptempo called "Everybody's Girl" for the album. Another leaked track, "One Love" (see below), will be included on the album, as will a ballad entitled "Beautiful," which is being considered for use in Jennifer's April 16th film "The Back-Up Plan" as well. Danja produced "Keeper," another track set for inclusion, as well as "Love & War," which may or may not make the final tracklisting; a song that has now been confirmed for inclusion though is "Fresh Out The Oven." I love both "What Is Love" & "Fresh Out The Oven," so that's definitely good news. I'm also liking their idea about coinciding the release of the album with the movie, but with "Louboutins" having just been released digitally (download HERE), April seems much too far away. Ah well; if this leaked material & producer names like Danja are any indication, Love? will be worth the wait!

What Is Love

One Love

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