Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ryan Leslie "Transition (Deluxe Edition)" Details

I hadn't posted about this yet, so I thought I'd inform all Ryan Leslie fans that you have options when his sophomore album Transition drops on Tuesday. The CD/DVD set includes three bonus tracks: "When We Dance," "Promise Not 2 Call," & "Rescue U." On the DVD, features like the making of the "You're Not My Girl" video, the video & in-studio live overdubs for "Zodiac," the making of "Nothing," & a Miami soundcheck for "Never Gonna Break Up" can be found. Kinda random, but cool for fans nonetheless. I wasn't aware there was a "Zodiac" video, so maybe that'll make its way online when the album is released. As far as the album is concerned, it might be better than his debut (I haven't decided yet), but he just puts me off a bit with all the same-y-sounding songs.


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