Sunday, November 1, 2009

Listen To Amerie's "In Love & War"

Amerie's Def Jam debut In Love & War, which arrives this Tuesday, can be heard in its entirety right HERE. She's really gettin' it on some of these tracks, so take a listen! I'll have a review up for In Love & War very soon.


Matt G said...

Amerie's In Love and War is amazing! She is what R&B needs right now. There are too many singers out there who are too heavily handled. Amerie blazes her own path with each cd she drops, and In Love and War is no exception. If you dig her singles you'll definitely find multiple songs you'll enjoy as much, if not more, on In Love and War. Take the time to listen to the lyrics and crazy beats, and you'll hear what I'm talking about. I'm a huge Amerie fan so if you like this album please go out and buy it to support Amerie. I really want to hear more from her.

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