Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leona Lewis Performs "Happy" On The X Factor

The X Factor welcomed back their pride & joy Leona Lewis once again for a performance of "Happy," the first single off her upcoming second album Echo (November 17th). Considering the slightly more epic style of the performance & that intro, ya might say that they're kinda proud of Leona. I just can't get over whoever's bonehead decision it was to release this song as her lead single because Echo is amazing! Seriously, going with this third-rate "Bleeding Love" when Echo has all the exciting, radio-friendly tunes that Spirit lacked? SMH


Anonymous said...

heyy when are u going to put a review for leona's album echo....i like ur opinion

vmars08 said...

It won't be long... I'd like to hear the US version, which is supposed to have a couple different tracks, first though. :)