Friday, November 13, 2009

Beyonce Calls On Lady Gaga

Video Phone (Extended Remix ft. Lady Gaga)

Telephone (ft. Beyonce)

Hot on the heels of her dance hit "Sweet Dreams," Beyonce has collaborated with Lady Gaga on a song for each of their latest projects. First up is the extended remix of "Video Phone," which will appear on Beyonce's upcoming I Am... Sasha Fierce (Deluxe Edition) (November 23rd). There's not a whole lot different (not that I don't love the original!) about the 'remix'... except, of course, for it being downgraded by Gaga's vocals. Secondly is "Telephone," which will be included on Lady Gaga's forthcoming The Fame Monster, which drops the same day. I say Beyonce is featured on this... it sounds more like she got Sasha Fierce's gangsta sister to spit on the track! I'm on the fence about which song is better because the only parts I like are Beyonce's & she is the main artist on the first one, but the second song is actually new... basically, I don't really care for these two together.

(Photo Credits: Beyonce World, Google)

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haha, i love the photo choice! (: