Thursday, October 15, 2009

Usher Album Update

Following recent rumors, it has finally been confirmed that Usher has changed the title of his new album from Monster to Raymond Vs. Raymond. Bryan-Michael Cox, one collaborator on the December 8th release, went on & on in a recent interview about how personal Ursh's new album will be. Ya, ya... I don't care. After what I can only hope will now be classified as a promo single was slammed everywhere on the net, "Papers" doesn't have me too optimistic about what Usher's bringing to the table this time around. What I hate is that Confessions got to Usher's head & has had him thinking ever since that releasing music that is very personal lyrically will give him success, but it didn't work with Here I Stand & it's not gonna work now. Personally, I feel like Usher's music went downhill after 8701 & hasn't gotten any better. However, because I say all of this as a fan & as constructive criticism, I have this simple tip for Usher: Concentrate more on making good MUSIC (rather than headlining tabloids) & everyone will love you again.

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