Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Melanie Fiona "Subway Series" Canada & NYC

Melanie Fiona has put together a pair of really cool clips from both Canada & NYC where she sang some of the songs off her debut album The Bridge (which hits stores November 10th) with talented musicians she found on the street. In the Canada video above, Melanie sings "You Stop My Heart" & "It Kills Me," while she performs "Sad Songs," "Bang Bang," & "Please Don't Go (Cry Baby)" in the below NYC video. Ms. Fiona never ceases to amaze me with her outstanding talent & her ability to sound exactly like, or better than, her recordings. I also wanna mention that I think the instrument the guy plays during "Sad Songs" is freaking awesome. Once again, if you like what you hear, Melanie's album The Bridge is available on iTunes now.

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