Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jennifer Lopez "Love?" Update + More

Following the release of Jennifer Lopez's Pitbull-featured buzz single "Fresh Out The Oven" & the announcement that she will be performing at the 2009 American Music Awards comes the inevitable news of her first official single off Love?, which is due in January. The song is called "Louboutins" & was produced by The-Dream & Tricky Stewart. I would be ecstatic about this... except that Brandy recently confirmed that she originally recorded the song. It's not even simply the fact that I am now DYING to hear Brandy's version of the track, but this isn't even the first time Jennifer has taken a Brandy leftover (see: "If I (I'll Do Anything For You)" --> "Ryde Or Die"). I'll get over it though because I'm really excited for Love?! In related news, Jennifer's forthcoming movie "The Back-Up Plan" was recently pushed from January to a new release date of March 12th. So much for coinciding with the album!

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Sunil Gupta said...

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Bobby D said...

Hold up, all J Lo does is steal other peoples songs. Has everyone forgotten the 2 she stole from Mariah (Im real used the "firecracker" sample from the original "loverboy" cut mariah had already recorded, then did the same thing for the remix to "im real" with Ja Rule from the Mariah/Ja Rule track "if we".
this isnt fictional, Irv Gotti reported it in XXL magazine in April 2002. And I guess everyone forgot that J Lo was ghosting her songs and it was Ashanti singing the leads for almost the entire first album "on the 6." Money can *almost* make everything dissapear. Thank God for Google.

J Lo sucks. Singin about being "real" when she fake as hell...

Anonymous said...

Yeah read it up. Dont suprise me she usin other peoples music.,2933,49437,00.html