Friday, October 16, 2009

Brian McKnight "Evolution Of A Man" Tracklisting

It won't be long now until Brian McKnight unleashes his new album Evolution Of A Man (October 27th). Here is the tracklisting for the project:

1. The Brian McKnight Show
2. Just A Little Bit
3. I Betcha Neva
4. What I've Been Waiting 4
5. When Ur Lovin' Me
6. Never Say Goodbye
7. Stay Tuned
8. Next 2 U
9. I Miss U
10. Always Be My Baby
11. Baby It's U
12. While
13. Another You
14. Not Alone

I hope this is good. A video would be nice though.


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sugar_xxx05 said...

I'm wanting to get the cd but with these track listings. This s what is posted on a few sites.

The official album cover and track listing for it.
Track Listing:

1. "While I'm Feelin This Way"
2. "What I've Been Waiting For"
3. "Next To you"
4. "Baby It's You"
5. "More Than Just A Thang"
6. "Just A Little Bit"
7. "I Betcha Never"
8. "Without You"
9. "Another You"
10. "End and Begin With You"
11. "I Miss You"
12. "Hold Back My Heart"
13. "Slow"

Why is it someone has said the actual cd has the other 'show' tracks on it??