Saturday, October 10, 2009

Adam Lambert "Time For Miracles" Song Preview

As you probably know, Adam Lambert has been tapped to sing the theme song "Time For Miracles" for the holidays' big disaster flick "2012." In this new promotional video for the film, Adam discusses the song & a nice portion of the track is played along with shots of Glambert in the studio recording it. This is huge for Adam & it makes me so happy, but the best part is that the song sounds like a HIT! Not to mention we get that debut album on November 24th. Shoo! I can hardly wait!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow. That's surprisingly amazing. I heard the 30 second snipped yesterday and the song has been in my head all night. I must admit to not giving Lambert much cred before but I take that all back. This guy is beyond Idol. He's "the voice."