Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ryan Leslie, Ne-Yo, & Fabolous To Form Super Group

Yes, another one! Seemingly despite the fact that Ryan Leslie is set to release his sophomore album Transition on November 3rd, Ryan has announced that he plans to join up with Ne-Yo & Fabolous to form a new group. Their album, however, probably won't be out for a while because it sounds like it's just in the early stages:

"It's about conceptualizing," Ryan added about how the LP will shape up. "It's not gonna be a project that's thrown together. It's gonna be a real roundtable, & we're gonna talk about really putting something in the atmosphere that contributes something that's never been done before."

I'm really only a fan of Ryan out of these three--& not a huge one at that--but I've heard some of the things these guys have cooked up while collaborating with one another in the past, so this most definitely has the potential to be great. Stay tuned!


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