Monday, September 28, 2009

Ciara Album Update

Mmhmm. Ciara has been hard at work in the studio recording her fourth album in LA exclusively with The-Dream & Tricky Stewart. It was revealed that the duo behind "High Price" & "Like A Surgeon" from Fantasy Ride have recorded a total of 14 songs with Ciara so far. A couple of those tracks are "Gifted" & "Speechless," the latter of which features The-Dream, who is the only guest on the as-yet-untitled album. There is a possibility that the album could come out before the year's end (yeah right), but a 2010 release is more likely. Here's how Tricky describes the project:

"This record obviously is gonna have tempo to it ... She dances & we always want to bring out what she does that other people don't."

So, I'm on the fence about this. Not a new album from CiCi, but one produced exclusively by the pair behind Mariah Carey's recent masterpiece Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel. That might sound odd to you, but how many bangers were on that album? As much as I love Ciara, she can't pull off material like that. Also, did you SEE what these two did on Fantasy Ride? Not to mention "Lover's Thing" & "Keep Dancin' On Me," which are nothing but decent filler that simply aren't going to cut it this time around. Ciara & Danja cooked up pure brilliance with "Echo" & Darkchild served up a scorcher in "Pucker Up," so I'm baffled as to why she isn't returning to them for uptempo stuff. NOW, with that said, thanks to Memoirs, I have a faith in The-Dream & Tricky that I didn't before & I must admit that I've had a good feeling about them being behind Christina Milian's Elope for quite some time now, so maybe they can pull this Ciara record off. I am reeeally looking forward to seeing her dance some mo'!


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VIRGO said...

i totally agreeeee~~~~~

darkchild is so amazing, in the last 10+ years he has bought so many great tracks.

its cool that ciara is having chemistry in the studio with tricky and dream but i agree they may have lost their touch - especially their fantasy ride tracts.

ps ciara & missy forever