Monday, December 5, 2011

Mya's "K.I.S.S." Gets US Release

One of the year's best albums & Mya's best album in years, K.I.S.S., will be receiving a digital release in the US on December 20th. The cover art has been given a purple tint (see: left) & the tracklisting has been given an adjustment:

1. K.I.S.S.
2. Rear View Mirror (ft. Sean Paul)
3. Take Him Out (ft. Spice)
4. Fabulous Life
5. Earthquake (ft. Trina)
6. Mess Up My Hair
7. Break Your Neck
8. Fugitive Of Love
9. Can I
10. Love Me Some You (ft. Marques Houston)
11. Mr. Incredible
12. Problem & Solution
13. Love Comes, Love Goes
14. Evolve
15. It's My Birthday
16. Somebody Come Get This B*tch (ft. Stacie & Lacie)
17. Love Me Some You

Hear previews of the new tracks (3, 9, 16, & 17 as well as the leaked 5, 7, & 15) HERE. I'm sad to see "Before U Say Goodbye", "Runnin' Back", & even "Alive" go... (not "Sorry" so much, as it's an ancient leak that was a last-minute replacement on the Japanese version for the ill-timed "Earthquake".) As for the bonus tracks (15-17), she could've kept the terrible "It's My Birthday"... ya know, my general attitude towards this whole digital release is pretty negative because as a longtime Mya fan, I have her first three albums on CD & I've been waiting eight years to buy another one, but I'll just have to keep waiting because we're getting cheated with this half-a$$ digital release. I won't complain any more about getting four (well, 3 1/2) brand new songs from Mya though!

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