Monday, November 28, 2011

Pia Toscano Performs "This Time" On So Random!

Pia Toscano randomly (...literally) performed "This Time" on the Disney Channel's So Random! She did an incredible job & it sure is a shame this song didn't take off because I could've really used her album during this complete void music-wise known as December that we have coming up.


Anonymous said...

The song is completely mediocre.

vmars08 said...

I won't entirely disagree with you... I would say that her vocals on the song are more than mediocre though. I'm torn between wishing this song would've had maybe more success than it deserved for Pia's sake & sticking it to the record execs who thought mediocre material was OK to release just because she was on American Idol (what America chose). In the long run, I suppose the latter is better for her career. Assuming it takes off.