Sunday, October 16, 2011

The X Factor - Judges' Homes - Part 2 Recap

Jazzlyn Little: This girl is talented, but I sure wish her nerves didn't get in the way of her really letting go vocally.

Brennin Hunt: This guy isn't entirely talentless, but he sure isn't as good as he thinks he is.

The Stereo Hogzz: The lead singer of this group is good, but that's not enough for me. We'll have to see if it was enough for them to make it to the live shows though & then see if the other members are any good.

Josh Krajcik: I know this is gonna come back to bite me in the butt... but I like this guy, especially when he's singing something more delicate like this because the less growl, the better.

2 Squar'd: Another group where only one member carrying them isn't gonna cut it. They may be better than their performance at this point in the competition might've suggested, but this would've been the place to show it!

Tim Cifer: He's gonna have to be a big ol' NO for me. Any good ol' boy can have a country twang... & that's all he has to offer. Even crappy ol' Scotty from Idol had that lower register.

Rachel Crow: This is another young one (13!) that is way better than she should be. She sang "I Want It That Way", which came out around the time she was born(!), like someone twice her age & even put her own spin on it!

Leroy Bell: This 60-year-old started sounding his age here for the first time to me. Good, but not good enough.

Illusion Confusion: Poor guys. You know they're gonna get cut. From what they showed us of their performance, they seem better than the producers'd have us believe, but alas.

Tiger Budbill: OK, so dude can hold a note, but there's something off with him for me.

Marcus Canty: WAY better than I thought he was! Excellent song choice as well, LA.

Tiah Tolliver: Simon, we just. don't. get. her. She had an interesting song too, but didn't really do anything with it.

Christa Collins: There's some talent there with this one, but she has yet to really make an impression on me.

Intensity: Lord help me, but I couldn't keep my eyes off these chi'ren!

Chris Rene: No, the song didn't do him any favors, but I just don't really care for this guy.

Melanie Amaro: They saved the best for last because you know I love this girl! My favorite, in fact.

Alright, here we go--my picks:

Girls: Melanie Amaro, Drew Ryniewicz, Caitlyn Koch, Jazzlyn Little
Boys: Marcus Canty, Brian Bradley, Brennin Hunt, Chris Rene
Over 30's: Stacy Francis, Elaine Gibbs, Josh Krajcik, Christa Collins
Groups: 4Shore, Intensity, The Stereo Hogzz, Illusion Confusion

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