Friday, October 28, 2011

Mary J. Blige "My Life II... The Journey Continues (Act 1)" Tracklisting

Following update after update, we finally have the tracklisting for Mary J. Blige's upcoming album My Life II... The Journey Continues (Act 1) (November 21st):

1. Intro (ft. Diddy)
2. Feel Inside (ft. Nas)
3. Midnight Drive (ft. Brook Lynn)
4. Next Level (ft. Busta Rhymes)
5. Ain't Nobody
6. 25/8
7. Don't Mind
8. No Condition
9. Mr. Wrong (ft. Drake)
10. Why (ft. Rick Ross)
11. Love A Woman (ft. Beyonce)
12. Irreversible
13. Empty Prayers
14. Need Someone To Love You
15. The Living Proof

3, 4, & of course 11 should be good... 9 is, 10 not so much. And, um, Nas is not an acceptable replacement for Nicki Minaj. No sir.


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