Monday, September 19, 2011

*UPDATED* Rihanna Album Update

Uh... ya, Rihanna (<--not her brother) has decided to release her sixth album before year's end. The first single, "We Found Love", was produced by Calvin Harris & is set to drop early next month. *Pause* Chick realizes she'll still be on her Loud tour with her NEXT album IN STORES, right?! "Cheers" JUST hit the top 10--she NEEDS to perform the thing--& she's just gonna let the smash-in-waiting "Raining Men" go to WASTE by releasing what will probably be some second-rate "Only Girl", which was second-rate itself?! No ma'am.

UPDATE: 's what my a$$ gets, because "We Found Love" (listen below) is pretty much incredible! Oh, & the album drops on November 21st.

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