Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mario Album Update

For his fifth studio album, Mario is aiming for "classic" R&B! Good to hear, considering what his buzz single "My Bed" suggested. Whether or not that will make the final cut is unknown (though unlikely... eh, no big loss), but his first official single is titled "The Walls", features Fabolous, was written by Rico Love, & is set to be released in the next two weeks. Also set for inclusion on the upcoming album, which is almost finished & should be released in November (...) or January, is production from The Underdogs as well as a club banger entitled "Roosevelt (Drop A Dime)". I'm so glad to be hearing about another Mario album, especially with names like Rico Love & The Underdogs attached to it! He's really talented & hopefully he'll find success with this project.

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