Monday, June 13, 2011

Wynter Gordon "With The Music I Die" EP Cover & Tracklisting

Because the last one went over so well, Wynter Gordon is set to coincide the Australian release of her debut album With The Music I Die with a second EP release here in the US on June 28th. The tracklisting, which is made up of the majority of the first half of her album + two remixes, is below:

1. Til Death
2. Buy My Love
3. Don't Stop Me
4. Still Getting Younger
5. Til Death (Rocket Scientist Remix ft. Ricky Blaze)
6. Buy My Love (Extended Mix)

I'm not saying her lack of success here justifies an album release just yet (not that they've even tried), but this seems pointless because you know they aren't going to promote it.


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