Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kelly Rowland "Here I Am (Deluxe Edition)" Details

The cover for the deluxe edition of Kelly Rowland's upcoming album Here I Am (July 26th) is to the left & I must say that I'm liking it a bit better than the standard. Good thing too because the deluxe is the version I'll be picking up, as it adds the two songs "Heaven & Earth" & "Each Other" as well as the pair of remixes "Motivation (Rebel Rock Remix ft. Lil' Wayne)" & "Commander (Urban Remix ft. Nelly)" to the 10-track standard set. (Never fear, I'll be posting the album's tracklisting momentarily.) Not terribly generous there, Universal Motown... but I'll take it--I sure like that urban remix of "Commander"!


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