Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Keke Wyatt "Unbelievable" Cover & Tracklisting

Keke Wyatt is set to release her third album Unbelievable on June 14th. I was introduced to this incredibly talented vocalist after the release of her second album Who Knew? last year (following a 9-year wait between her first two albums due to a pair of shelved albums in the in-between time), so lucky me that she's already releasing another. Check out the tracklisting for Unbelievable below:

1. Light Me Up
2. Unbelievable
3. Mirror (ft. Kelly Price & Tweet)
4. Love Under New Management
5. Tap Out
6. Saturday Love (ft. Ruben Studdard)
7. Miss Your Plane
8. Enough
9. Travel The World (Love Uses Time)
10. Tears In Heaven
11. His Eye Is On The Sparrow

A collaboration with Kelly Price! Score!! Granted, it's on what was formerly a Queen Project song, but whatever. Take what we can get. And! "His Eye Is On The Sparrow"! Acapella! It's gonna be incredible, TRUST me. Or don't. (Your eardrums will thank you.)


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