Friday, May 6, 2011

Jacob Lusk Performs On American Idol

Love Hurts

No Air

I knew last week that Jacob Lusk would be going home on American Idol this week. He made it to the top 5 against three people who had never been in the bottom three & a rising star in a time when Idol has completely become nothing more than a popularity contest where white guys triumph regardless of talent because 14-year-old girls & their grandmothers are the only ones who vote... so I'm fine with that! All of them, even Jacob (but especially the four small children that are left), have suffered from the lack of a decent judging panel giving them constructive criticism to use to grow throughout the competition, which I now fully realize the importance of. Case in point: Jacob has the ability to sing "No Air", but had none of the fine tuning that this show has provided in the past to help him learn how to best use his voice. That said, his performance of "Love Hurts" was near-flawless & exactly what I needed from Jacob, so I was able to cope with seeing him go. I mean, even if he'd made it to the finale, in three weeks' time, he would no longer be making his weekly appearance in my living room anyway, & since winning doesn't mean squat anymore (it seems to just lead to failure actually), if he's gonna get signed, he's gonna get signed, & that's the end of it... which also describes my feelings toward this season of Idol. Hey, we made it further than last season (which ended for me, if I remember correctly, somewhere around the top 20...)!

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