Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brandy & Ray J "A Family Business" Cover & Tracklisting

On June 21st, Brandy & the rest of the Norwood clan will be releasing their A Family Business album/soundtrack to their hit show. The tracklisting for the disappointing project is below:

1. Family Business (AKA Family Business Theme) - Brandy, Ray J, Willie, & Sonja Norwood
2. Turnin' Me On - Ray J
3. Talk To Me - Brandy, Ray J, & Willie Norwood Sr.
4. My Family - Sy'rai & Rain Smith
5. Lifeguard - Brandy
6. Ready To Roll - Ray J (ft. TKO)
7. Sonja, Sonia, Sonya - Willie Norwood Sr.
8. Gone - Tosha Scott
9. I Don't Care - Brandy
10. Home Grown - Willie Norwood Sr.
11. Epilogue - Sonja Norwood

The good news is that we get the "I Don't Care" track from Brandy that we were expecting, but that's 'bout it. To be perfectly honest, I would be fine if the majority of the tracks featured all of them a la "Talk To Me", but all we get are two solo Brandy tracks (one of which leaked ages ago) & just two more that even include Brandy out of a total of 11?! I couldn't care less about Ray J... I thought Sy'rai wasn't a part of the show... & who the heck is Tosha Scott?! You can pre-order your physical &/or digital copies of the album HERE & I would *almost* buy the CD, but that's an awfully small amount of Brandy for $14...

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