Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mya "K.I.S.S." Cover & Tracklisting

On April 6th, Mya is set to release her sixth studio album--& third exclusive to the currently disaster-ridden Japan--K.I.S.S., the cover art for which is featured above. She looks good (as if she couldn't)! Below, I've included the set's tracklisting:

1. K.I.S.S.
2. Rear View Mirror
3. Fabulous Life
4. Mess Up My Hair
5. Fugitive Of Love
6. Love Me Some You (ft. Marques Houston)
7. Mr. Incredible
8. Problem + Solution
9. Runnin' Back (ft. Iyaz)
10. Before U Say Goodbye
11. Love Comes Love Goes
12. Evolve

Japan Bonus Tracks:
13. Alive
14. Fabulous Life (Dawty Remix)
15. Simplicity (Dawty Remix)

"Fabulous Life" & "Alive" are some of the best Mya songs in years--not to mention there's a Marques Houston collabo--so I have high hopes for this album! (It appears that a Trina-featured song that would've fallen between tracks 4 & 5 with the unfortunate title "Earthquake" has been removed from the previously announced tracklisting, sadly...)

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Anonymous said...

this is really good. It's upsettign that she won't have U.S. success due to the fact that she's just past her prime.

girl in tokyo said...

i live in tokyo,japan and i just love this new album!!
mya is sooo cute and her voice is really sexy!
i was surprised that it is released from a record company in japan.
wish more people in USA can listen to these amazing songs!