Thursday, March 3, 2011

Idol Review: Top 24

Best Guy: Jacob Lusk

Best Girl: Pia Toscano

It's hard to believe that we've already made it to the top 12 13 & this is just my first Idol Review of the season, but I always wait for the "live" shows to start things up again so that there's something to review & the semi-finals happened to be really short this season! That said, it didn't even take this long for season 10 to show its superiority to season 9 & in fact, it's already the best season of Idol since probably season 7... not that the top 24 couldn't have already been widdled down to less than the 13 easily. Let me make one thing clear: Jacob Lusk is this season's best contestant. The male Jennifer Hudson, if you will. Incredible! As far as the girls are concerned, my affections are split between Karen Rodriguez & Pia Toscano, the latter of which gave a performance this week that was the first glimpse of the talent Idol used to be chock-full of since Syesha three years ago, although Karen's (10-second clip of her) rendition of J.Lo's "If You Had My Love" from Hollywood blew my mind! Considering all of the aforementioned made the top 10 that America chose, I was pleased with the results revealed on tonight's episode. While they are the only ones I really care about, I think Lauren Alaina deserved her spot, as did Thia Megia if you consider who she was up against. He's not my style, but I don't hold Scotty McCreery's voice against him... othat than that, I don't really care for those that made the top 10. As for the wildcard situation, I'm glad things worked out nicely for Stefano Langone. He didn't earn his spot on Tuesday, but I knew he had potential & he showed it tonight. However, Ashthon Jones, the toneless wonder, & Naima Adedapo are just dead weight in the top 13--not that screecher Kendra Chantelle deserved it any more. The only person who was sent packing tonight that I think deserved a second chance & to make it to the top 13, based on Wednesday night's performance, is Lauren Tucker, but I'm not heartbroken or anything. Anybody else that either made it or not is so talentless that they aren't even worth me mentioning them. And thus, the best of season 10 is yet to come!

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