Friday, March 11, 2011

Idol Review: Top 13

Adam Lambert "Aftermath"

Dirty Money ft. Skylar Grey "Coming Home"

Pia Toscano "All By Myself"

So, first of all, let's talk about Wednesday. Lauren's gonna have to do better than karaoke if she's gonna win me over. Casey spoke... I was lost. Ashthon EARNED her elimination doing a godawful impersonation of Vonzell's *perfect* performance of the same song six years ago. Paul, as always, sounded like a bad James Blunt... I was confused. The performance of the week came from Pia, who proved herself to be even more talented than I thought she was judging from last week's performance, hitting Celine notes easily while simultaneously showing off her gorgeous tone--what the show's all about, people! James... was bad... I, uh... Haley, surprisingly enough, did LeAnn justice & I actually think blues-y country like that is a much better fit for her than the pop/rock that the judges are suggesting, not that she'd win me over either way. While it wasn't his strongest vocal showing, Jacob's voice still amazes me. Thia wasn't half bad until the arrangement switcharoo. Stefano lost me with... whatever that was. Karen did better than she got credit for. I'm not saying she blew me away, but her tone was gorgeous, you could tell it meant a lot to her to sing that song, & she's just so darn likeable! I'm no longer going to just accept Scotty for what he is (especially if DialIdol is to be believed) since he's decided he can sing any ol' country song because--& I don't even like him but--there's no comparison between you & Garth Brooks, kid! Naima embarassed herself... although I will say that after listening to her iTunes snippet, if she stuck to reggae, she might have something (but she won't).

Thursday resulted (heh) in an acoustic performance of "Aftermath" from Adam Lambert, which was good on his behalf, although it pales in comparison to the album version. Speaking of which, Adam is selling the Billboard remix of "Aftermath" HERE for charity. Not to take away from the cause, but the album version > the acoustic version > the remix. Also, Dirty Money performed on Idol again & I must say, I'm really starting to like this Skylar Grey character.

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