Monday, March 21, 2011

Idol Review: Top 12

The Black-Eyed Peas "Just Can't Get Enough"

Jacob Lusk "Alone"

Better late than never, I always say! (Last) Wednesday's show started off rather crapily (I declare 'crapily' a word. #dealwiththat) with Naima choosing a song completely out of her element, Paul being Paul, & Thia karaoke-ing it up once again. Then, James was bad--even for James, Haley chose Whitney Houston for some God-forsaken reason, & Stefano, like many of his fellow contestants, continued his streak of awful song choices. Finally, Pia came to save the day with her soaring vocals on a mediocre tune. Scotty was his typical lame self, while Casey was especially terrible. Lauren has such potential, but if she keeps choosing obvious songs that she sounds oh-so-karaoke on..! Jacob closed the show with the week's best performance. I'm bummed (though not surprised) that Karen went home. Sure she didn't pick the best songs, but neither have the majority of these peeps & she was one of the most talented--& so sweet! It's a shame America couldn't see that & was instead blinded by what was entertaining in the moment (AKA people you'll never hear from again after May).

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