Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kelly Rowland Album Update + Promo Pics

I doubt even God knows when we can expect for Kelly Rowland's as-yet-untitled third solo album to be released, but more details have emerged about the oft-delayed project, one being that she recently hit the studio with songwriter Lonny Bereal, who worked extensively on Ms. Kelly. We can also expect possible collaborations with Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross, & Gucci Mane to potentially make the cut. In the meantime, & with it being a slow news day & all, check out these new promotional photos of Kelly shot by Atlanta-based photographer Rob Ector that hit the net a couple weeks ago ...that I forgot to post (just consider them an 'in case you missed it'). The pics are good, but I'm over the haircut. Monica went through this phase too (see: Still Standing album cover), but wisely changed it up soon after.

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