Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jazmine Sullivan Announces Break From Music

On a post that can still be seen on this very page at the time of writing, I named Jazmine Sullivan's Love Me Back the best album of 2010. That, on top of the fact that its track "Excuse Me" is the best song of 2010 as well, has apparently led her to 'break my little heart' & announce a break from music. Read her announcement from Twitter below:

i'm making an official announcement that i am taking a break from music. i'm trying to figure out who i am... w/out a mike, paper or pen. i promised myself when it wasn't fun anymore i wouldn't do it. and here i am. i'm not saying i won't ever sing again in my life becuz i dont believe that. but in this moment... rt now... i got some things to figure out. i love u all and appreciate u soooooo much. u have no idea how much u've inspired me and fed my ego. but the truth is that i have to believe in me whether you all do or not. and thats what i'm lookin for. that belief in myself. me. I. i love us. thanks for being here for me and riding with me on this journey. let us continue.

The full message has since been taken down, but it was captured with this screencap. The woman was just named Billboard's Rising Star for 2010, following in the footsteps of their most recent Artist of the Year, Lady Gaga. A collaboration with Eminem, their top male artist of last year, just leaked. Now, from the eight-time Grammy nominee, we get this. Obviously I'm upset, but if I might point your attention to the tenth track off her Love Me Back album, "Famous", there might lie a clue as to why she made this decision. It's such a terrible shame that someone as ridiculously talented as both a vocalist & a songwriter as Jazmine would have these kinds of self-esteem issues. If it's a label situation though, besides the fact that J has nabbed themselves one of the most critically-acclaimed R&B artists out there right now, Jazmine is an incredibly consistent success on the R&B charts with four straight top 10 singles (her first four at that), all of which even charted on the Hot 100. On the strength of her biggest R&B hit since her #1 debut single, Jazmine's sophomore album debuted to numbers almost as strong as those of her first album in an extremely crowded marketplace--& with performing solely on 106 & Park during release week. The label hasn't said anything yet, but I certainly hope they realize what they have. I just hope this is a ploy to garner attention to her album (since the label won't schedule any promo on network television) & that it will blow over. Worst case scenario, we can still look forward to seeing her star alongside Ne-Yo in the upcoming George Lucas film "Red Tails".


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