Monday, December 6, 2010

Keyshia Cole "Calling All Hearts" Tracklisting

The *official* tracklisting (which is NOT what the Prune Juice or whatever they are reported) for Keyshia Cole's upcoming fourth album Calling All Hearts (December 21st) has been revealed:

1. I Ain't Thru (ft. Nicki Minaj)
2. Long Way Down
3. Tired Of Doing Me (ft. Tank)
4. If I Fall In Love Again (ft. Faith Evans)
5. So Impossible
6. Confused In Love*
7. Sometimes
8. Take Me Away
9. What You Do To Me
10. Last Hangover (ft. Timbaland)
11. Two Sides To Every Story*
12. Where Would We*
13. Thank You (ft. Dr. Yvonne Cole)
14. Better Me

* means that it's only available on the deluxe edition (which has the same cover, but in black & white)... & I'm not sure how I feel about these artists putting the bonus tracks amongst the rest of them. I mean, if it flows, then I'm all for it... but it almost makes the standard edition irrelevant cause it's like you're not getting everything. Psh, I've always bought the deluxe editions anyway lol. And, uh, how about her mom being featured on "Thank You"?! Interesting.


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