Monday, December 27, 2010

Elliott Yamin "Gather 'Round" Cover

Here is the cover for Elliott Yamin's upcoming third album Gather 'Round, which is being released in Japan first. He said on Twitter that it will probably include a few different tracks when its released in the US. Elliott looks old school classy on the cover, which is fine & all, but I hope it sounds more like his last album!



Anonymous said...

i'm sure it will be just as good as his previous 2 albums, if not better... his voice is incredible, strong vibrato, he really should have won the 5th season of Idol, people who voted for Taylor and Katherine forgot this was a singing contest of the best voice....anyways Yaminions unite!

1monivil1 said...

He is the better vocalist of the nine Seasons, beautiful "soulful" voice.

Anonymous said...

This guy has blown me away since season 5. He has the most unique, and truely talented voice out of all Idol contestants. How many runners-up are still recording today? He's even outlasted most winners for that matter!! I support Mr. Yamin 100% and I admire his longevity.